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  1. danp

    Music discs

    There's 2 right now, since we're still licensing and adding tracks. You can keep track of the total by going to the pause menu > help > city section
  2. It's on its way. It has to receive its rating to be available -- just got a letter from the Australian Government for it.
  3. Hi! Thank you for your feedback. The beta phase was primarily to make sure the stability of the game is in place for Early Access. There was never a plan to have more story added in the transition from Beta to Early Access, but there is a plan to add story from Early Access to Release. We estimate the game (and its story) to be completed anywhere from 2 to 12 months from now. On the plus side, in terms from Beta to Early Access, we have added about 10-15 hours of Quests and Side Missions to complete, not counting the Unfair Challenges or Versus participation. From what we've seen, it takes over 100 hours to unlock all the items as well. We feel this is more than enough content, so long as you are not specifically looking for the story. If your main motivation is the story, then I can see how you might be disappointed, and I'm sorry for the misunderstanding. I hope that helps clear up where we're at!
  4. Truth, it feels like the Cylinder heads were all barely thought about and didn't have much effort. I think Triangle by far look better than the other types of heads, as a whole. Not much effort? I spent months on those things, off-and-on, because trying to do all 320 in one go was exhausting. Personally I really like a lot of the cylinder prisoners.
  5. I've heard of it and look forward to giving it a shot!!!
  6. All current released versions are 30 fps (including PC).
  7. That's good. I'm going to make a chicken leg as a mallet.
  8. We don't want anyone to wait for anything. No official word yet since we don't have a release date and are still deep in development.
  9. A spoon mechanism. Flings any direction the cupcake wants if he tilts just right. If the unit he's trying to heal is far away, the cupcake has a chance to miss or throw it to the ground. Don't heal the enemy, now! Careful!