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  1. Well, thinking of the years they spend on the game - it took quite a while. They had to plan it out first, over time of development; it evolved to what is BBT today.
  2. I can guarantee you that the are going to add an animated head for some of the Furbottom Feature Unlocks.
  3. I agree, they're quite the surprise sometimes, the whole Castle Crashers on Steam wasn't really suspected by me. Can't wait for some DLC for BattleBlock Theater though.
  4. What's going to happen to Castlepedia though? I hasn't been update in almost a year (information-wise). I really wanted to add the information in for Hatty and some other things, but I can't even make an account.
  5. I seriously wish I had someone to play the co-op levels with, I have nobody with play it with. No doggy for me! (Although, the Donut is friggin' awesome!)
  6. A small question that may not be answered in a while… --- Will Hatty Hattington (Character), the Golden Whale, and his sword be released for download or bought through Steam or the Playstation Store? And what about the release of BattleBlock Theater on the Steam and Playstation Store? I love the Behemoth and their games, but they take a while (*Cough Cough* Four Years for Castle Crashers on Steam *Cough Cough*) to import their games to other stores. Does anyone have any source of information on the release date, or if it is even coming to PC or PS3?
  7. MeowBurt for the win! His eye's make him look funny, and just the fact that he is cat…makes me…happy. I also love how he makes your character faster, this is useful for me for I use heavy weapon's like the club. "Keep on Castle Crashing!" -mgblue90
  8. There is a new DLC Pack coming out but it's best I keep it a secret, I will tell you now, it's related on the upcoming game Behemoth is making. You would be a true fan if you didn't find out who the character is - hacker's can get him. "Keep on Castle Crashing!" -mgblue90
  9. Castle Crashers More Characters DLC Pack Idea Many idea's I've had over the two years of playing Castle Crashers on both the XBOX360 and the PS3. When defeating foes that piss me off and one's that are easy to even touch (LOL). I have chosen some weapons and magic and even character's to have. Here is my stats on the ideas. DLC NAME: Extra's Crasher's Pack DLC Characters: Weapons: Levels: 1 Cost: 200 Microsoft Points - 1.90$ - 2.00₤ Description: As all the castle crashing ally's fought there way through every goal, sometimes, there just isn't enough victory especially when other's want the glory! Download the all-new character pack including - new characters, - weapons, and even a new level! Character Description & Magic: Troll Magic: Duplication X/◻ Button - Throws a small ball of fuzz Y/△ Button - Throws a wave of (1-5 Depending of level of magic) more trolls A/X Button - Get's pushed high into the air by a troll that comes from the ground Default Weapon: Fuzz-covered Stick -1 Strength +1 Defense +1 Magic LVL: 5 Evil Wizard Magic: Dark X/◻ - Dark Splash Y/△ - Dark Bullet A/X - Dark Smoke Jump Default Weapon: Demon Sword (Green colored) +3 Strength +3 Defense +3 Magic LVL: 30 Conehead (Tux - battled at the wedding) Magic: Wedding Special X/◻ - A small patch of music plays and (1-10 Cannon balls) cannon balls fall down Y/△ - Shoots out small bombs that explode, when they explode, confetti comes out A/X - Jumps high with cake pushing him up, when he falls down, he heal +2 health Default Weapon: Sharp Rose Flower Bouquet +2 Strength -1 Defense LVL: 10 Bonus Level: Castle Garden's Enemies: Killer Bee Killer BeeKeeper *NEW* Big Bee *NEW* Killer HoneyCollecter Boss: Mother Bee Hidden Sword: Honey Hive Sword -1 Attack -1 Defense +5 Magic LVL: 10 Item needed to obtain: Shovel Ideas shown here are owned (unless used by creator's or game) to mgblue90 Castle Crashers™ is owned by Behemoth™ XBOX360™ and Controller owned by Microsoft™ Sony™Playstation3 and Controller owned by Sony™ 2008 - 2012 All rights reserved Original post by mgblue90 on June 29th 2012, from 12:08 AM to 2:06 AM - US Post