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  1. Good way to crush my dreams.
  2. I was hoping for a CC port to the Vita but I guess that isn't happening but,now since BBT has come out I am now hoping for that to port to the Vita. Anyone else hoping it comes to the Vita? (Also sorry if this is the wrong section)
  3. Shear humor and funny graphics not to mention the fact I can hang out while friends while im killing Buttfaces.
  4. I would be fine with that to!As long as I get my barbarian.
  5. Radnite

    Ps Vita

    I would love CC on the vita or maybe even BB Theater.
  6. Would anyone want to see a re-release of the Barbarian figurine?He is my all time favorite character and I have been looking for one for like FOREVER!Anyway i'm sure im not the only one who wants to see the Barbarian come back.
  7. It better get on to the VITA I need Castle Crashers.
  8. Dude, it's all about the VITA now broski, get with the times old man. But in all seriousness, if they DID make it portable (which they most likely won't) it would be on the Vita, not the PSP I guess your right,but to me CC being released to the psp would be so much more cooler so I don't have to buy the Vita.
  9. Even though that sucks your PS3 broke,the joke you made above,is hilarious.
  10. Community games? I wish I could play! I have been begging my mom to to let me BUY my own PS3 WITH my OWN MONEY and she keeps saying no.I hope this stays alive longer.When i hopefully get a PS3 i could join in on these Game Nights.
  11. Just Yesterday i saw a person that had the 2x4 Sword on the barracks! Not fair!
  12. Thanks for the website it was a inconvenience trying to find the songs for CC that i wanted.
  13. There should totally be a Tournament of Champions but there is one problem. I suck at arena!
  14. All DLC's should be available to everyone at the same time.It wouldn't be fair if one console got one DLC before another.(Its currently happening with the Blacksmith DLC (Xbox360 has it while PS3 has yet to get it.))