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  1. Hey Folks, So recently I've been messing around with wix and found that if you know a bit of art and design you can make some pretty neat stuff. I designed a website for Pixel Patch which has yet to be fully launched, but you can see how much is possible with HTML 5 Let me know what you think and please share some of the web designs you've made. -JP
  2. EDIT: Well guys, box is now done! Final art is looking pretty good! You will see my product in stores in about two weeks Original message: Hey guys, I've recently ordered RPG patches (made em myself) that Iron on to cloths, however I need a display case to be able to get into stores, the case is almost done, but I don't have a program that can adjust the size of the line I'm working with and I don't want to go back over every line I drew to make sure its the right size.. I know macromedia flash has this ability once the picture is broken apart, so if any of you have 5 minutes to spare you could save me (and my future company) a good couple of hours! Thanks the current background you will be working with is here Uploaded with I simply need the rune design (currently very faint) in the background to have 1 size, not 5 different sizes because of my crap scaling job email me at and I'll send you the picture so you can resize the lines, should only take 4 minutes with the right program! Thanks again! ~ Ardamaeus
  3. Oh hey guys I just found out that they also have a twitter page avaialble, I honestly can't wait to buy the full game!/WanderlustGame CHECK IT OUT
  4. Still playing Wanderlust: Rebirth and have been for the past weeks... lets just say I have not yet crafted everything I need!
  5. Hey guys, Just to let you all know that Wanderlust: Rebirth is finally released! To get there quicker and see a better synopsis than what I can offer visit The beta is free up to three "chapters" of the game, but the full game (and all it's awesomeness) is available for only 10 bucks! Less if you buy it with a friend! Come try it out and fall in love with this awesome game! Here's a screenshot of my elementalist: Uploaded with Wanderlust is an old school rpg game that combines a great pixel artwork, hack and slash and basically pure awesomeness put into a delightful package that is hard to resist. Hired by the king, you must travel the land hunting down the darkness that is arising all over the place, from caverns to arenas to fields, this game has it all. Upgradeable weapons, character customization and 4 distinct classes to play with! There's no reason not to try it, honestly, the download is small and the game is fun. So join me in killing some epic bosses! ~ Ardamaeus
  6. I dunno, I just want to make an awesome scale for The Behemoth... but every time I try it breaks because it's too awesome. Seriously you guys have the be the quirkiest band of awesome fools in existence... maybe even more than the Chap brother (SB FANS) Congradulations (so awesome i spell it with a D) on keeping our lives awesome and having fun/being stressed out doing it!
  7. September 21st at 3:51 pm. 2009 Which is obviously parallel with the zombie uprising... 10 minutes later.
  8. I honestly enjoyed making my username. For the longest time I used Cephas, which is a Aramaic name and then translated to Peter, which is part of my name. Ardamaeus however came about as I was sitting around with a few friends trying to come up with some cool online names, a few good ones came along but Ardamaeus really stuck with me because of alot of origines tied to it. Asmodeus (death/devil) Amodeus (mozarts name) Artemis (Greek Godess) But before that I was using Armadaeus, but then everyone was shorting my name and calling me "Arm".... yeah no.... so I just messed around with the letters and god myself Ardamaeus! Tadaa! I still think Dan's name is the best, frigging paladin powers....
  9. I've run through most of the forums and I find that most people are expecting a prize from guessing the game, am I close to the mark? I personally would like a giant chocolate bunny bu that's another matter. Of Course the Third game will include the general Dan art, and the classic scrolling awesomeness. But I believe that the puzzle genre is truly a possibility with this new game, even though a shady one. The adventure/RPG elements have served castle crashers very well, so Its definitely going to be at least a highly anticipated part of the new game. People who have played it so far have had fun, I don't think the stoyline with be developed yet but the style, platform and play are definitely close to finality. A single picture however could not only throw us off but it could be taken in such a way that it could leave us even more confused than before! There will be cameo's, the behemoth and fans love the little characters too much not to be, I am however expecting some new faces to make their appearance. Who knows, it could even include some more newgrounds characters, which wouldn't be half bad! Anyways that's my two cents, all we know is that there will eb people who are going to freak out on these forums while the rest fo us sit patiently, begging for a new games from the masters of 2D. See you in the arena! -Ard
  10. Tats it, time ot post the final product!
  11. yeah, insane mode is the next step, jsut beat the game before saying that lol! :D:D: