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  1. I'm guessing English isn't your first language, but the word you're looking for is opinion. And if English is your first language and you still think it's "option," well, you need a lot more help than I can give you. And you're completely right. In a library of literally hundreds of titles, Castle Crashers is the first good game to come out. *rolleyes* Have fun with your Wii shovelware. Yes english is my first language I'm just have 100 replies to answer on... and yes in my OPINION it is the only good xbox game... look here for example Xbox Graphics 8 Gameplay 4 (lol it's like Nes) Design 7 (O-K) Total 18 PS3 Graphics 10 Gameplay 7 (They stole wii's motion sensor thing) Design 3 (It's so @._*^+ fat Total 20 Wii Graphics 7 Gamepay 10 (Amazing) Design 10 (thin sparkling and nice control, memory card and sd card places) Total 27 Xbox even gets pwnd in it's own + the graphics...
  2. Im not hating xbox Im just wanting cc to wii too
  3. The Wii could handle it, there's just no room on that small HDD they got for it. the wii can handle games like brawl and metroid prime 3 so why not a 2d hand drawn game with simple gameplay O_o
  4. of course it can Wii can handle brawl and it has better graphics and is bigger... And it can handle real big and nice looking 3d games like metroid prime 3
  5. WTF are you on about - Castle Crashers being the only good Xbox game? I'm really looking forward to CC coming out in 2 hours or so, and have my points ready, but there are a freakin' huge amount of awesome games on the 360. And I very much doubt CC will appear on Wii Ware. Almost definitely too large in file size, and loads of the online features would be ruined without the use of Xbox Live. In my option its the only good xbox game...
  6. Am I the only one wanting castle crashers but not having xbox? In my option castle crasher is about the only great xboxgame... I have just purchased a wii for 25£ so I can't aford another console and expenually not if it only has 1 good game! I hope Castle crashers the only good xbox game one day will arive at wiiware... If it does I'm going to download it and tip my friends! See ya!