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  1. That is a very cool figure, nicely designed.
  2. Just playing Castle Crashers, can't wait to get Hatty!

  3. I like the idea of the Paladin the "Kings royal guard" heal only knight that is support for other player and also kind of like a tank but then again its outside the box of castle crashers really, im only suggesting. What about those characters at the very start of the game were they tell you tips they all could be playable characters? Might of already been suggested, sorry if i am repeating it.
  4. Brute, gotta love controlling acorns and vines.
  5. Could be you or your friends connection, the best thing to do is to restart your connection and let one of your friends to host the game
  6. What about Pet Orbs that give mounts at the start of the game like Crocodile, Camel and Horse?
  7. The Characters i never use: Open Faced Grey Knight Cultist Pirate Ninja.
  8. Bear, Red Knight, Fencer and Industrialist, also Necromancer and maybe Skeleton.
  9. 1) Hawkster 2) Chicken 3) Dragonhead
  10. The King because it reminds me of hulk hogan.