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  1. It's possible, with the 5th anniversary of Castle Crashers coming up soon. Plus, Hatty would like a chance to get that championship.
  2. Congradulations Toast99.
  3. It's possible they forgot to show the third bracket.
  4. No that's 12 central time. Pacific Standard is 2 hours behind Central, if I remember correctly
  5. Lookin' like I'll have a tough track if I want to win. Well, best of luck to everyone!
  6. Registration is until August 28th, so until we know all the people who will be participating, we can't release the full schedules yet. It's mostly the waiting that takes a long time because everyone is in different time zones and everyone has their lives to live, so we patiently wait the one week of reg. I would guess that you'll all get e-mails sometime after PAX. Take this extra time to prepare and polish up your armor for September 8th! Good luck to allllll! Ok that's understandable.Thank you and have a nice day.
  7. Can't wait until September 8. One question, though, after all the registration is done when will the brackets be announced?(I'm very excited for this) Thank you and looking forward to the answer. Also good luck to everyone else in the tournament.
  8. I have a friend who hasn't gotten his, but I know me and about 52 others got the friend request.Just be patient and I'm pretty sure you and everyone else who qualified will get the friend request.
  9. Add me to the list. I would definetly like to still play this game after the tournament. Gamertag : True Konquest
  10. My favorite would have to be Scratchpaw. Love the strength and agility boost.
  11. Here's the schedule for the tournament:Aug. 12-Aug. 17/Qualifying round Aug. 18-Aug. 24/Registration Period for those who qualified Aug. 25/Tournament: starts at 8:00a.m. PST to approximately 5:30p.m PST Here's a link for more info:
  12. You have to play to get into top 100 weekly ranked, and it starts Aug. 13 and ends Aug.17
  13. I'll be entering, with Snakey as my wingman.