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  1. Like this one but for the opposite reason AH should have proposed other difficulty modes that's for sure. For good players AH was an awesome game. The first time you died 30 time in the first levels. The second time only 10 and the third you beat the game. Never frustrated, always fair, just had to learn some patterns and act wisely... Loved this game and wanna enjoy C.C the same way... (sorry for my english)
  2. I repeat that I understand why you lowered the default difficulty (I'm glad more people can enjoy the game). But I just feel betrayed after such the amazing and challenging game that was AH that you didn't put something for us long time and hardcore (i don't like this word) players. Honestly I don't know how much work represent tweaking one or two things to make the game harder but I'm just sad you didn't (and this time that's me who do not enjoy the game anymore but that's the way it is lately : games for casual only and no effort to make it fit for experienced ones). Ikaruga did. Bionic Commando did. And many games do that in a good way as well. I'd really hope you would do the same... When I first heard about Insane mode I was really relieved but the way you made it just isn't the right one for me. Like I (and everybody seems to) said in this topic enemies have too much Heath and it's getting boring. I like that they deal a lot of damage (maybe too much sometimes) but having to hit them a thousand time just make me wanna stop. I proposed some of many ways to deal with this low difficulty, other were proposed then. I don't know how hard this would be to implement but this would be really really great and would make me play for a thousand hours more... (Sorry for my english)
  3. What about street of rage or alien hominid, first examples that come in mind. They are fun with a friend and still hard to finisH. Adding difficulty levels just permit players to take the one they want. No matter how many they are. In fact in C.C the more you are, the easier the game is. And you can revive your mates as many time you want without losing anything. You don't have to play cooperatively and that's why you often don't, each knight giving out blows in his corner. This game is just for casual play only and that's a shame because it could be so much more. The draw of the game shouldn't be to just be with your friends (while you go through the game) waiting for this aspect (being with friend) to create the fun BUT to have fun (because of the game mechanics and its fair and adjusted difficulty to your level) with your friends, this aspect increasing the fun. (sorry for my english)
  4. Passionate guys like you should have thought about passionate gamers like me. And this gamer is not satisfied at all. Your game is awesome in every aspect except this one. It proposes depth in the controls, in the character progression, variety, length and I'm not even talking about artistic aspects. But for someone like me, that play video games for a long time now and use all the possibilities a game permit, it quickly become way to easy. (and the insane mode is not a solution because first you can't have access to it at the beginning and second the game become a bit harder but above all tedious and boring, in solo especially because of enemies abused resistance). There are so many ways to make this game harder with making ennemies withstand masters. - Decrease the number of potions you can carry (to 0 or 2). - Make enemies stronger (only power of attacks, bows and magic but not more resistants) or lower Knights HP - Losing XP when killed. so you can't benefit from xp you earned on a level to complete this same level. - More enemies on screen - Do not allow shield to resist so many attack types. (and especially bosses attacks.) - Make bosses attacks stronger. (some of it are surprisingly weak) - Make enemies use their shield sometimes... ETC. To cut short : make the player use the depth of the game to finish it. combo, repel with the shield, throws, cooperation between players (one with a shield and others firing behind for example), and every attack types you've made... Like it is, the game just require players to tap randomly the buttons and use their potions when they have lost all the HP. I can understand why players would play like this but please think about those who don't...
  5. There are différences within knights ! Examples : Orange has a greater range with RT + Y Green do more damages in time Red can hold Y etc.
  6. Yes and "magic jump" do damages to ennemies under the knight.
  7. Repel attacks = Press LT with the right timing (just before being hit) Aerial Magic projectile (straight) = RT + B while in the air Aerial Magic projectile (ground) = RT + Y while in the air Hold Magic attack (near ennemies) = RT + Y (hold Y) !! Works only with bolt magic !! Ground attack = Y above an ennemy Combo 1 = X, X, Y, jump, X, Y, Y, Y
  8. It seems that you can repel attacks. But I'm not sure how to... By pressing "guard" (LT) with the right timing maybe ? yes (see below) Also I would like to know when your character regain proirity while blocking ennemy attacks and if you have priority on him when he have just finished a combo ? yes Are you able to guard how many attacks as you want (though you're vulnerable to throws and magic attacks) ? yes Are you assured to make every move of a single combo or can your ennemy break it and hit you while you're doing it. (In arena especially) still don't know (again really sorry for my english)
  9. After you beat the game a new difficulty setting is unlocked ?? Yipee !! I already bought it by the way...
  10. Yes but I would like it to be less artificial and more integrated into the game. It seems that I'm the only one complaining about the lack of harder difficulty levels... It doesn't sound good for me...
  11. Yes it's about having fun. I don't ask for achievements (like "complete the game in ubber hard dificulty") to show that I'm a skilled gamer who is able to finish the more challenging games. I really don't care... But it's just that, playing video games since I'm a kid, I'm just not having fun at all when it's too easy. And I think I'm not the only one. And besides, it adds replayability to the game because even the casual gamers will improve with time passed on the game and want a harder mode. (sorry for my english) By the way do the number of ennemies increases proportionaly to the number of player ?
  12. I really hope this is gonna change things because I'm so desapointed of the difficulty level of this game. I was expecting something harder after the awesome Alien Hominid. I can understand why Devs want to make their game more accessible (to sell more) but why, when it's easy to do, not proposing harder difficulty levels for those who want a real challenge..? PS : everybody would live in peace and be happy it's about love my friends
  13. I love the feeling of this game (and I've been waiting for it so long) but please PLEASE PLEASE, add difficulty levels ! I did not buy it because of this. The first two levels are really too easy (it may be normal of course but...) !! There are fruits every two steps. And ennemies, even bosses do a few damages compared to all those Life points you have. Please this game is awesome but what about replayability ? Alien Hominid was excellent because of its difficulty level. This one seems way easier and do not propose any tweaks to make it harder (for hardcore gamers). It would be easy for you to just increase every ennemies damage or to lower every players life points wouldn't it ? Hope something is gonna be done about this. It would be such a perfect game ...