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  1. i have all 5 knights the king and the barbarian!!! hoping to get my hands on the necromancer one day....
  2. i received mine today! i got the chicken! lol will go very well with my collection... what did everybody else get? i would up load a picture off my collection from my laptop but i don't know how
  3. never heard off the blacksmith figure... but would be cool i have all 5 knights the king and the barbarian.... awaiting the release of the necromancer as i didn't have the funds during the kickstarter programe .... if there is news on the blacksmith being a figure id really like to know about this to
  4. i got this email Hi All! Just wanted to send you an update that your prize from the Tournament of Champions will be sent next week. Our merch guy is working pretty hard with lots of different things, but he's on it! Have a great day! Warm regards, Megan when all you guys who recives an animal orb charm thingy do share with each other what you all got it'll be fun
  5. id put ye figure on my mantle piece in my living room... for show for everyone to see when they enter my humble home where you will find me playing castle crashers id show it off with pride and love for CASTLE CRASHERS!!!
  6. Received an email today saying ...... Hello Participants! Thank you again for taking part in our 2nd Annual Tournament of Champions! We hope that you had as much fun as we did this weekend. Originally, we posted that the top 50 would be given a prize, but we did not get the full 100 players we expected. So! Since everyone fought with honor and we want to reward all those who took the time to go through the whole registration process and join us for the weekend tournament, those who got this e-mail will be receiving a Castle Crashers mobile charm! The type of charm will depend on what is available so it may differ from player to player. We will be shipping those out to you sometime this month and sending it to the addresses you wrote down during registration. Great job on all your efforts this past Saturday and thanks for joining us in the 2nd Annual ToC! Best wishes, The Behemoth
  7. Stop being a baby its the game deal with it. So stfu and stop being a little you know what. U cry baby's make me mad. I lost in not complaining granted it should be 2 out of 3 but mojo beat me fair and square. The game has flaws don't bother the community with juggling is wrong. Wether it is or not it won't change. So enough u don't like it play something else. i completely agree i made it to the second round and lost fair and square.... and no i cant do the juggling combo but if the guys who can do the juggling.. practice to do this move then fair play to them! well done to all players i say for even getting into the top 64 and showing there love for castle crashers! (thats what truely counts!
  8. hey all so i was just wondering as there was only 64 players in this tourny..... did it change the outcome off the prizes? as it said the top 50 from 100 would win a prize... and so on... hey you don't ask... ya never know!
  9. so as there is only 64 players.... and i made it to round 2 with 32 other players..... did i win a prize (cheeky i know....) but hey you don't know if you dont ask! x
  10. i got my finally got my invite yay!!! ty ty ty xxx
  11. still not recieved my friends request a little worried now.... i hope all my effort didnt go for nothing
  12. i haven't received my friends invite either gt x Stevey boy x