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  1. Yea ive seen the silly mistakes you have seen. I wouldn't think TheBehemoth would be a company to release something like this just for "money" and only "money." Ever since the ToC they haven't given a poop about anyone or anything, they just recklessly do things for their own good regardless if its good for us or bad. I got disconnected last night and it said "You have been disconnected from Xbox." Zero thought of improvement or consideration for the community went into this project, just copied and pasted it onto the PC. The main issue I see is Online Arena mode. There is no "ranked" arena just player matches, therefore when I go into a match and completely destroy someone(kinda like behemoth did this Steam launch) and I will destroy anyone who wasn't in th top 10 of the tournament then I can just be kicked and not played with. I hope they can fix these things or atleast man the F*** up and do s*** right for ONCE and not screw up Battleblock Theatre. I suggest you take your forums down and everything to have complete focus on that game. TheBehemoth multitasks like a fat kid trying to stuff his face and run a marathon, they f***ing can't. 0/10 on the review for CC on Steam, pathetic they only care about money...
  2. On the Xbox these characters/weapons are bought on DLC. On Playstation you unlock these character by beating Insane Mode and purchasing some of the weapons for gold in-game if i recall. I'd assume they will be unlocked like in Playstation, but I don't really know.
  3. So today is the release of CC on Steam. Ive played the game for awhile on Xbox, time to dominate the arenas on Steam. If anyone from PSN or xbox have purchased CC on Steam wants to do arenas - melee add me. Xbox gamertag - xSaviorselfx Steam account - -my account name is Khadgarr
  4. I guess I should have known it wasn't between xbox and playstation servers as well. Not to be an balloon but if it's on the PC then it should def be on Mac but that doesn't make it cross platform, sorry...I'm getting used to being deceived by The Behemoth by now though. I should have know better to get my hopes up for that... Can I assume there won't be castle crashers trivia and stuff before the release on Steam for free codes and merchandise either? Hopefully Steam is getting into updating this game and adding content otherwise just play that broken record now.
  5. This is exciting new for Castle Crasher players on all platforms. The PC is the prime place for gamers and since xbox has been going down hill the past 3 years maybe this will bring back castle crashers and hopefully new opponents in the Arena Anyway I see it says "cross platform multiplayer." To me this means PC, Xbox and PS players can all play against/with each other in arena. Is this the case or does this mean it's on other platforms as well, I though that was what multi platform ment.
  6. Steam is a good move to put castle crashers back on the radar for people, Xbox has gone down hill significantly the past 3 years. im sure they would be more exciting with the new wave of people.
  7. This is possible as well.
  8. Wooty said there isn't a third bracket so I'd be on at 10pmt - kpnt and ra sert
  9. They said you could not have a hacked/modded account. Condisering you have Hatty I would assume that's a modded account. Which makes you ineligible to enter the tournament. Sorry I messed up the quote but really why am I not in the brackets. What did I do wrong? I dont have hatty and i can prove i dont have any mods, and i was one of the first to register i dont know why im not in the brackets ether You must not have cleared your save data soon enough because you did. lts not hard to remember all the annoying kids on Xbox with Hatty. And btw I'm not retarded like the people you obviously lie to in your personal life... Annoying kid + hacked character isn't hard to remember sorry bro. PS - Thanks for ruining the surprise for some of us with that character...
  10. It's possible when you made your post that you couldn't make it they just took you off list, that's the only thing I can think of. What post are u talking about?
  11. It's possible when you made your post that you couldn't make it they just took you off list, that's the only thing I can think of.
  12. They said you could not have a hacked/modded account. Condisering you have Hatty I would assume that's a modded account. Which makes you ineligible to enter the tournament.
  13. It would probably be respectable to post the brackets before the night ends, like soon. I'm sure not everyone wants to stay up all night to wait for brackets or have to wait until tomorrow morning to see them.
  14. Well tomorrow afternoon we do. The final night before the tournament, who is going to be on tonight to practice?
  15. You need to calm down bro, I'm just going by what I read. Just don't want another incident where I have to figure out the problem again ya know. I want to slay you guys
  16. Honestly I wouldn't be surprised if they sent the confirmation email to the weekly leaderboards people. Apparently behemoth doesnt stick to their "word" very often, unless the same person who sent out the wrong invites was also in charge of these emails, then we would be screwed...again.
  17. Thank you very much for this change. You have no idea how much time some of us have put in battling to be the best! Other game wouldn't have listened to the community like The Behemoth. I've noticed even the players are all much more friendly then any other game community. You guys are in for a real show for this tournament! Thanks again, xbox gamertag xSaviorselfx
  18. As Dan mentioned in another thread, The Behemoth will have an announcement out shortly about this. It appears The Behemoth accidentally used the Player Matches board, instead of the Ranked Matches board, to decide who gets invitations. I'm sure they'll come up with some way to rectify it to everyone's satisfaction. Yes this is correct they sent out invited to the wrong people. Here is my question, It's 100% clear they have made a massive mistake considering no1 played Player Matches because it clearly states that they would be using Ranked Matches. What will they do with the 100 people that actually didn't qualify yet got invites and have been "accepted "'into the tournament? Also will they give invitations to the players who have been playing their asses off to qualify or did we just all waste our time and be completely screwed over? I'm sure they are working this out to get the honest players who followed what they were told all of us how to get into the tournament. This is a list of players who weren't send an invite but I have been practicing against the last couple of weeks. xSaviorselfx - Imperfect Luck - Warsteell - toast99 - TR MOJO - Cujsta - XxBurning Ice - Fuzziskii - Reliable Random - Dazuam - nightcrawler415 - True Konquest - Haipe - Unknown Killar - WTFxOpticfanboy - x Stevey boy x - FLARGATRIZZLE - Beardedgoatt - Confessor28 - Hurrikane10 Here is the screenshot again, since some were sceptical about it here is the time and date it was taken ( not my picture, from BeardedGoatt)
  19. I think we need some female characters to slay foes with. The only issue I see with this is when you save a princess they kiss...(not that there is anything wrong with that.) Maybe add 4 captured princes or frogs(or maybe behemoth chickens) that turn into princes when they are kissed. My girlfriends been wanting a female to play as since she started playin a couple months ago - Xbox gamer tag xSaviorselfx
  20. Considering it took MadBestKiller and I about 10 minutes to figure out the problem I would assume it wouldn't take a company an entire day to figure out they looked at the wrong leaderboards. We have been practicing religiously for weeks and you guys have no records of us playing... that's just silly sorry. I have taken off work and changed my schedule around to play in this tournament. It would be an outrage if we are screwed over because someone isn't smart enough to look at the correct leaderboards for their OWN tournament...
  21. Yes, this is what happened, a bunch of us who didnt get invited who have been practicing for weeks noticed the same issue. This is a major problem it screws over a lot of people who have wasted their time playing for this and scheduling their week to play in this tournament...
  22. Unless they randomly thought "hey they will look at the wrong leaderboards and 20+ people will realize this and ill screenshot this just in case that happens." And i know the list of people i put up earlier had the first two pages of ranked memorized and the players. This picture is correct. I honestly thought about taking a picture of the rankings but no1 can predict something like this happening...