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  1. i think you may have missed my point, but im not sure. what im proposing is the ability to play the game modes within a player match as a free for all game mode as well as with a team. not sure what you meant by 1v1v1v1. and as for the challenge mode thing, i should mention that my idea was meant for player matches, and if your not willing to wait for the other people to finish, join ranked matches or personally ask someone for a 1v1. or even just join a player match lobby and ready up. the 4 player solo challenge was suggested mainly to play with friends, not with 3 random strangers.
  2. everyone knows its all about the acid bubble.
  3. CO-OP Checkpoints - They are essentially broken in a coop situation. collecting them means NOTHING, u don't spawn at them, u don't even spawn near them half the time, one minute you die and return to the closest checkpoint, the next time u die u go even further back. there is literally no science to them. Right Stick Click - This button SERIOUSLY needs to make its mind up on what it wants to do. one minute it shows you the entire map zoomed out, and the next its showing you your partner, its seriously annoying. General Camera - When running in the opposite direction to your partner, you are basically playing blind. there is no way of seeing whats in front of you other than the 1 inch u can see. The cameras need to be separated to work like they do in single player, and then the use of the right stick click to see your partner (see above) MultyPlayer Free For All Mode - Why are we restricted to only 1v1 and 2v2 game modes, why cant i fill a 4 player game of solo challenge (or any other arena mode for that matter) and battle it out for the fastest time with 3 of my buddies? this should be doable. i was quite disappointed to say the least that this type of play wasn't available form the get go. Sure they might take a bit longer to play out, but who cares? you with your friends playing Battleblock Theater! The following game modes should be available in a free for all mode: - Challenge - Color The World - Capture The Horse - Grab The Gold - Soul Snatcher - King Of The Hill - Muckle Games Time Trial Mode Speedrunning - Taken from my thread on speedrunning: Other features i would like to see added Camera Zoom - The ability to toggle between a close player camera and a zoomed out camera showing the entire play area. (perhaps the right stick click instead if what it does now (showing just the exit)) Glitches Broken Achievements - Fix the Jail Breaker achievement please. I personally would really appreciate it if any of the things listed above were fixed/added to make this game even better than it already is (which is pretty damn good i should add).
  4. definitely not. the only reason i even made this suggestion was for some speedrunning leaderboards. without leaderboards you might as well just stick to challenge mode. also, it would be an arena mode game, but with leaderboards (just like the other arena modes have).
  5. i bought it for the game a long long time ago, and have the 200G on it.
  6. i believe the melee achievement may have glitched on me also, im pretty darn sure i have used every melee attack.
  7. in the original post i said all story levels would be nice, but asking too much. the challenge levels however, would not require even close to as many leaderboards. perhaps u could add this in to the update while your fixing that glitched achievement ey? player replays could be available for the top 10 players on each level, and would not require a download to watch (similar to N+). this is a very achievable update, as many arcade games today support such features.
  8. yeah i guess that could work instead of a time trial mode for the story levels, as long as there is still a highscore table for all of them.
  9. i guess il be holding back on buying any more prisoners until this achievement is fixed.
  10. so basically, u want everyone on the top page to be using the same head..? wheres the fun in that. also, i always so no to leaderboard placement rewards.
  11. i had the same problem (or is it a problem? perhaps they expect you to trade for the rest).
  12. if i had to guess, id say they will carry the arcade over to their new console (speaking for the xbox here) and all xbla game will require no porting.
  13. i would have suggested time trial leaderboards for all campaign/coop campaign levels too, but i think that might be asking a little too much ;P