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  1. The Antibirth mod's music is so, so good.
  2. I suppose it's just a fear of looking like an idiot, but have a crippling fear of anybody I care about reading any of my work. I drew what I expect would happen if any of them were to read my personal reflective essay for English. I would far, far rather fail English than have somebody read any of my work from it. So I probably will. Oh, I also drew my other, just as rubbish fear: tiny spiders. (Only house spiders)
  3. I know I said I wouldn't post until next years Forum Awards thread, but has anybody here heard of Cartoon Network: Battle Crashers? It's a side-scrolling multiplayer action brawler.
  4. I'm going to make a singular yearly post from now on to express my sheer disgust that I didn't get newcomer of the year 2012. Well, I'm disgusted. See you next year.
  5. I actually think that Mario Party is amazing, just not the stupid board game thing. The minigames are really fun, even the ones that are completely luck based (Like that one where you push buttons until Bowser's head explodes). A couple are JUST button mashing, which is kinda sad, but the others are mostly pretty good. I do, however, think that the stupid, luck-based-balloon, 5-hour-long-balloon, board-game-balloon takes from the luck based mini-games, since it rewards you for winning them more than just saying "You win". If the game was just minigames then it would be weird, and I can't think of any substitute for it, but I can't think of anything worse than the board game mode.
  6. Is Bowser's Inside Story good? I can remember liking it, but it's been so long and ever since I played Dream Team I've been scared that it's all tutorials. If it is good, then play that. Also, did anybody notice that Banjo-Tooie is way, way worse than Banjo-Kazooie? Nobody told me.
  7. Why do you hate Metroid and Castlevania?
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    Yeah I did, I'm so sorry you chose the wrong one thereI don't play Sploon but even I know Callie is best squid Nooo you're all wrong But you quoted yourself too...
  9. daikonboy101

    Sonic Mania

    They went 16-bit for their 16-bit icon. Mega Man 9 and 10 did it. I would agree, but he isn't really a 16-bit icon anymore, he's more of a gaming icon. You wouldn't really say Mario is an 8-bit icon, would you?
  10. Every single time I read a post I just made it looks really condescending and/or mean and/or ignorant. Just know that only 97% of it is supposed to.
  11. daikonboy101

    Sonic Mania

    True, but it could've been hand drawn animation and they would have to change nothing... At least I think. Because they're still just sprites, right? Yeah, the animation is good, I didn't mean to say it was bad. There's just something weird about it, and I think it might just be seeing pixel art running so smoothly, I dunno... It wouldn't be there if it was hand drawn, whatever it is. Anyways, I don't really mind. I probably wasn't going to get it either way, and have no attachment to the older games.
  12. daikonboy101

    Sonic Mania

    Hmmm... Why's it got pixel art? At least make it, like, 2D cartoony or something. Don't just be like "HEY, this is the old game." People liked the 2D parts of Generations, right? Just do more of that. Show some sort of evolution, at least. Also, is it just me that thinks that a lot of the animations look really weird? At least the long lasting tradition of Sonic's music being amazing is still seemingly alive.
  13. All the way through this trailer I was thinking "This is ironic, right? When's Sonic gonna fall on his face or something.", but it never happened. When are they gonna catch on?
  14. Speaking of amazing puzzle games that everybody says is over-priced: Stephens Sausage Roll. It's an AMAZING and super hard puzzle game that looks a little bit like rubbish. I found out about it through Jonathan Blow's praise, so you know it's got to be pretty great. I don't really know what else to say about it... There's a LOT of puzzles which use about 10 mechanics or less (total), and each area gets way harder than you thought the game even COULD be.
  15. If you hate everything does that mean you hate Mars Bars? Sadly, yes. Ever since Theresa May became the prime minister everything started rotting and decaying, including all of the Mars Bars. It made it hard to enjoy them. Then when she appointed Boris Johnson as the head of the Foreign Office, all of the rotting Mars Bars turned into actual poop.
  16. I bought all of the characters for Smite then played it two more times... Other than that, though, no. It's less because I don't like the concept and more that I'm scared of spending money (which makes me ask myself why the hell I bought all of the Smite characters.)
  17. Well, it doesn't have to be an all-star fighter. I was under the impression that there would be almost an entirely new cast + a few characters from other games. They're never gonna make enough games to fill a roster of characters (worth buying a game for), so I think a new cast would be way better. Well, unless they just put, like, every knight, every head, all FBI agents and all of the classes from pit people. Then there would be a big roster.
  18. I kinda felt that too, but I'm not sure if it's because I was new to it and hadn't seen any speed running before, or because it was actually better.Anyway, I think they're still doing a great job. The Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze race this Sunday was awesome, and the Mario Maker thing from AGDQ this year was really fun too. Also that step mania thing, but that might've been ages ago.
  19. This is gonna sound hard to believe but I DON'T like the new Pokemon. Except Drampa. He's going straight into my team. He's a normal type. Why.
  20. We shouldn't get too serious on here, but what happened in the EU referendum, happened. Even if you agree/disagree with the outcome, I think it's more important that we, as a country, focus on what happens moving forward rather than what might have been had the decision gone the other way. True. I wasn't trying to be serious, though. I was just trying to express my opinion without saying something like "Now we'll ____ because of ____ and don't get me started on ____!". "I hate ____! Always ____ing our ____! " That's a great outlook, not needing to worry about the past. I keep trying to do that but I always end up thinking about what could have happened Well, the thing is that we need to think about the present and the future... And they both seem to suck.
  21. A lot of the Gorillaz. Feel Good Inc. Might be my favourite. On Melancholy Hill is pretty good too, though. Oh, and DARE... Clint Eastwood... Dirty Harry.......... 19-2000... Even 5/4 and Tomorrow Never Comes are good. Basically, nothing from 'The Fall'. Here's DARE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uAOR6ib95kQ Hope their next album is good.
  22. I dunno... There has never really been a good attempt at making a smash-esque game with 2D hand drawn visuals. I definitely felt that Rivals of Aethers visuals turned me off of it, but I can't tell if that's because it's 2D or because it's pixel art. Traditional fighting games, though, seem to always look better in 2D to me. (Like Marvel Vs. Capcom 2, Street Fighter 2 and Third Strike, Skull Girls) I know almost nothing about traditional fighting games, though.
  23. We shouldn't get too serious on here, but what happened in the EU referendum, happened. Even if you agree/disagree with the outcome, I think it's more important that we, as a country, focus on what happens moving forward rather than what might have been had the decision gone the other way. Umm, well, you people can deal with all that. I'm pretty sure we're getting the hell out ASAP.