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  1. I think the next game should be less of a bash em up kind of game. Something different than there usual style of games.
  2. I know Battleblock theater was just finished but I still think we should discuss ideas for game #4 for when they do want to make such a thing. So if you have any game ideas post them here.
  3. They said 2013 so my newest guess is 2/24/2013. It has to be done by next year, they have been working for such a long time. Which I don't mind as long as they keep us updated via blog.
  4. Hooray! Castle crashers on steam! What is next on the agenda of stuff? The long awaited battle block theater or something else???
  5. I declare democracy! There is no longer a "King" of the hill, now there is a government of the hill. And I own the government because f*** you that's why.
  6. Nope, nope, nope, doesn't count. I'm so stubborn that I'll only agree if Dan says so on here Emm, I'm Dan Paladin and I'm a guy. Oh, well alright then, this thread is officially clo... - NOW WAIT A MINUTE! LOL also I'm pretty convinced by the Newgrounds but it'll be fun to see what he says.
  7. I smack some sense into all y'all and you realize I deserve to be king.
  8. Gets Bruce Lee and 50 excactly replicas of Chuck Norris to obtain the hill for me. I am king of the hill
  9. Being a pear, do you ever say meow??? Ask me about my tempurpedic. LOL
  10. Ok, this ONE wish is not corrupted and you get nothing. I wish I could fly whenever I want to and that the ability never malfunctions and doesn't need any special time or circumstance to be able to fly.
  11. As an elf, do you hear better with your elf ears??? Ask me about being a potato
  12. I shoot a portal onto the floor and the I drop the gun trip and accidentally fire it in my mouth. My innards are transported away and I die a quick painful death. I drop a baby turtle and a mouse.
  13. You're banned for using fancy emoticons.