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  1. So as the tittle sorta implies You create a scene and things happen according to alphabetical order. Example: Scene Bank/ Starting letter T The blah blah (I realized I am pretty bad at my own game) and from there someone else adds to the story until there is a end and somebody makes another scene.(that people can agree upon) My idea is that a story of sorts will play out that is interesting.
  2. I love when my phone is perfectly running even better I enjoy trying and finding it every week. (This is confusing)
  3. The ability to go into the future just so you would instantly go back to past to then go back to the future...
  4. Who else here lost hours doing Easter eggs with friends in co op. I know I did.
  5. Pancakes? "Yes" (this is unrelated to anything just like this thread)
  6. One of the most funniest things happened while I was playing Halo Reach: Ok so there was this guy that was killing our team mates with plasma grenades (I guess he was about to leave) and he approached me I was unaware he was next to me I used the bubble shield ability while he thrown the plasma grenade so he stuck himself! I died laughing. (I am bad at telling stories)
  7. Brute knight. What is the only mount that has no special heavy attack?