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  1. pit people seems to be a direct sequel to battle block theater
  2. This is the order in which I believe the games take place: 1. Alien Hominid 2. Battle Block Theater 3. Pit People 4. Castle Crashers Alien Hominid and Battle Block Theater happen at around the same time in the modern era, because when Hatty shoots a laser into space he also blasts through the Alien, and the Alien is blasted off in that same ship at the end of Alien Hominid. Then Honey Hug smashes into Earth causing the apocalypse and all these crazy mutant monsters like hair trolls and cyclopses. Castle Crashers is the survivors of the apocalypse trying to rebuild, which explains the crazy monsters that exist like trolls and fire demons and skeletons.
  3. it's just a spoon catapult that launches frosting at the people he's healing.
  4. TheSmoothster


    I think that pit people takes place some time after the events of battleblock theater, because people seem used to the wacky things like bear blood and cyclops and the like. Also the narrator in Pit People says that he "wonders what the world would be like before the bear crashed" as if he weren't there, so he couldn't have been around long enough to be the bored god you described
  5. I would love it if you could unlock players from other behemoth games kinda like the way they did in castle crashers