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  1. Blacksmith... Can't stop dreaming about it Sony thinks im patient? im not! My tears turn into gold but i just cry some more and the tears melt the gold ... I want the blacksmith
  2. banned for having a avatar moving fast i can't see the pokemon good
  3. i love beedrill and who is getting black and white 2 today? i am!
  4. Play fair and you will be aware ..poem by Golden Whale.. (poem meaning playing fair and everyone will like you)
  5. Fail because he has no body.... Xbox
  6. Banned for having a pooping unicorn
  7. Thats the same as the other guy Golden Whale 100% Real Gold!
  8. Banned for posting here still just to get posts
  9. Me im Gold because im the Golden Whale i love my owner Hatty H. He is awesome
  10. i never worried about the 2x4 sword only the Blacksmith and his hammer and i can't forget his Magic! ok sorry got carried away
  11. it makes me mad when my bros are playing castle crashers with the blacksmith on pc and they show off the pack because i don't have it i wish i had it
  12. Have a wonderful day i mean have a Whaleaful day