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  1. Hi everyone, I'm looking for the Monster head as I wasn't able to finish the final challenge map in time. If anyone has any heads they really want or gems, or even yarn, let me know in return for this head. =)
  2. How'd you get that Sig?

  3. Swarm_Tyrant

    Forum Reunion! Serious and fun!

    Well fellow Behemoth members I'm back after a long leave. I had a lot of Clan work to do but that is all about to change as I'm about to move on to University. I see a lot of new faces a few old. Lets see if anyone remembers me me now!
  4. Hat Guy:Where are my family Jewels?!? I swear it was in my hat! Jewel Guy: What have I done!
  5. Swarm_Tyrant

    What do you guys think game #3 is gonna be?

    Well I'm back for those who might remember me and hearing about this sparked my interest so I decided to take a crack at what it might be. It has been stated that it is 2 games not that it is their two previous games in one so all I currently expect is another retro themed game until we get some pictures of some sort.
  6. Swarm_Tyrant

    Fat Kid in Dad 'n Me!

    Nice find! I beat it twice and didn't notice that at all!
  7. Swarm_Tyrant

    It's OVER 9000!!!

    The seconds that I have lived.
  8. Swarm_Tyrant

    Alien Hominid GBA

    If I could find it I would be playing it on my DS.
  9. Swarm_Tyrant

    The Mad Fiddler's Avatar Designing Co.

    Sorry I will admit that I am not that good at it
  10. Swarm_Tyrant

    The Mad Fiddler's Avatar Designing Co.

    Anyone have any Signature demands? I have some spare time on my hands right now.
  11. Swarm_Tyrant

    Viking Knight (Norman)

    THANK YOU! Someone needed to bring this much needed character to life and hopefully to the game one day.
  12. Swarm_Tyrant

    The Mad Fiddler's Avatar Designing Co.

    So does that mean I am part of the Designing Co. now?
  13. Swarm_Tyrant

    The Mad Fiddler's Avatar Designing Co.

    Thanks guys but I am just one of Mad Fiddlers many employees that has a job to do in his corporation.
  14. Swarm_Tyrant

    The Mad Fiddler's Avatar Designing Co.

    Here you go: http://i295.photobucket.com/albums/mm121/Srax_Zolak/AlienHominidSig.gif [img=http://i295.photobucket.com/albums/mm121/Srax_Zolak/AlienHominidSig.gif] Sorry if I stole your customer dude
  15. Swarm_Tyrant

    3D Castle Crashers

    *Faints from the Awesomeness*