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  1. I sometimes get 2 wins when I win 1 game. It adds to my lifetime total also. This is prob why ppl have been getting more than 40 lifetime wins and not getting the achievement. The 2 wins probably appear in the lifetime total as 2 wins but in the achievement, only 1.
  2. From what I have learned, Only player matches get ranked and ranked do not. Weird huh? But you must play ranked games to get achievements. My rank on the leaderboards only change on player matches.
  3. Well, i dont know what that was. Barraks sounds like a room containing weapons to me. And I have been through the whole game with pazzo so yeah. Maybe I missed it.
  4. I went through the whole weapons frog with pazzo and nothing. But I just got iit from vxsniper wolfxv before i checked so that may be the cause.
  5. Is it actualy an EXTREMELY rare drop or was it part of the whole dlc test and ppl downloading it thing. If it is a drop, what level?
  6. two pronged sword is unlocked when you get the brute character. the rubber handle sword i need as well tho.
  7. Actually, that would make the Brute hardest to unlock, because you have to beat the game with the Iceskimo to get him. Plus, the Iceskimo is the last arena so you have to get farther in the game to even fight in that arena. He is talking about the ice arena.
  8. Erm, wow...Where did that come from...? Theres are small little children on this forum who will go now go search up, then there childhood will be scarred. My friend said that is how aids started.
  9. No the ram automaticaly turns away. And people have diff minds. It looks funny to me considering everyone is scared and running in that level.
  10. Ekaven


    Red: I'ma Taze You Bro!
  11. Order of preference: Green, Blue, Red, Orange Edit: HOLY CRAP I NOTICED THAT WAS THE ORDER YOU LISTED THEM!