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  1. All these theories are really good, but I have some problems with a few of them, first of all, I believe it goes like this. 1. Castle Crasher 2/3.Alien hominid 2/3. Battle block theater 4. Game 4/ pit people I believe that it's impossible for castle crashers to be after game 4 because there would still be guns and stuff, which in castle crashers there are no guns or any sign of modern civilization. Also, I believe alien hominid and BBT are goin on at the same time because I believe that that laser that hits the alien at the end of BBTheater is when the alien is in his ship goin home after fat kid put him in his ship. And then pit people comes in very last, as the bear was hit in battle block theater Side note, I think that the creatures of castle crashers and the ones in pit people have been there the whole time and are not mutants, they just either went into hiding, were not important to the story of the other games/ were in different areas, or all the species were captured and contained in Area 51 until the bear hit, releasing them Another side note, castle Crasher has to be first because the beefy alien we accidentally free in that game seems to be the same one in alien hominid, which I guess could be after but it makes more since to be first