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  1. Can we go for 3? Can we go for 3? No, ok. Anyways, see ya. Oh, and Memor too. And yes, Mr. hatty is a little correct. I left for a little, but I always checked back in case I needed to read something on here. Didn't say a word. Just left. And came back.
  2. Yes, Clannad is on youtube jared. That's how I watched it. One of the best anime, hands down.
  3. The ps3 has blacksmith and hatty now. (And for blacksmith, about 2 or more years after xbox). And maybe everywhere, pink knight too.
  4. I watch hentai because of the plots. EDIT: Can anyone help me discover the title of this anime? I will try to describe it the best I can, it's about a boy in middle school I believe,(really narrows it down with most name involving schools I know) and he says something to a classmate, the classmate turns half beast or something and beats the living snot out of him, leaving him a bloody pulp. He kinda had hair from the main character in Mar, I can't remember much else.
  5. People just pick them because they think they're really good. Most of the time, though, they die first. Those guys barely even use their magic too. Pointless. Utterly pointless. My go to guys are green knight, Saracen, bear, and the last guy varies.
  6. Well, If you ever want to play again, I'm down for psn.
  7. What happened to the stairs?! My parents took them down because I'm grounded.
  8. Maybe the fbi agents are what they are going to release instead of the cats.
  9. Not telling is a lot smarter than posting actually. You basically have to log in every day, just in case.
  10. 30. Blacksmith finally finished. Necromancer insane mode solo was a little difficult for him, but he made it out. He's still not 99. Onto Hatty, who's at the swamp.
  11. Nope. Behemoth did 1 thing good. Got people to look around the site more often. And play more often now. And remember hooshmand the wise . If you missed it, it's because you didn't want to check the game...