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  1. I had this same problem the other night. Could not connect with my friend on a 2 player XBL game. We've been able to play several games on XBL in the past and nothing has changed since then.
  2. Ditto. First time I've played CC in a few months and was excited about it because of the patch and new DLC... Tried to jump online with my buddy and we attempted 4 times to create a game and failed 4 times. Disappointment. I thought all these problems were ironed out.
  3. Consider it the "bad ending"? Awesome, never knew CC had multiple endings, it just keeps on getting better!
  4. I was always wondering what would happen if you die on that last person. I've been wanting to try and just have the archer guy kill me in single player but I that would mean I'd have to fight the boss allllll over again and also watch the credits.
  5. Yeah, and that seems kinda odd. It seems like having a high level weapon have good stats would be something rewarding for the player who has invested time in his character. The Ice Sword for example, you wouldn't really know about it unless you happened to have Pazzo with you, not something you easily come by. And once again in regards to the freeze, it would be great, but if it actually did it more frequently. I think somewhere in the 15-20% would be useful but not gamebreaking.
  6. Yeah, I agree that there is a much better way of having this handled. The semantics of glitch vs. exploit is just digressing from the truth of the matter.
  7. Both of these orbs give +2 STR. Anyone know of any other effects or of an explanation of why they both offer the exact same boost? An alternate idea would be: Snoot - +20%HP (an elephant seems like it would have a lot of HP, eh?)
  8. Before, I get started let me place the obligatory anti-flame statement of 'Yes, I love this game, I think it's awesome'. Moving on... I wholeheartedly agree with this post. I was actually thinking about weapon/item balance earlier today and there's a lot that could've been done to create some more diversity on the gameplay. The one thing that stands out is weapons that offer special effects (crits/ice/fire). They rarely ever activate. I believe I saw on devblog that it's something like +1%. That's pretty lame especially in the case of the Ice Sword right before the Ice Boss. It's a pretty tough find, it's a very MIGHT looking weapon, and the only stat on it is 'chance to freeze'. However, the % chance is very very very minimal that it's really not worth it. It's a high level weapon, hard to find, looks awesome... what gives? If the % chance was bumped up to something reasonable like 20% then I would highly considering using it and I think it would create some nice combinations with other magical effects. I have a whole lot of other ideas, but I'll post them later when I can gather my thoughts.
  9. Yeah, I believe "Civilian" is the actual name.
  10. I know Marvel: Ultimate Alliance and other games received new achievements when an expansion type DLC was released. But yeah, dunno if XBLA games operate differently.
  11. Yup. Stove Face. Finish game with Grey Knight to unlock.
  12. Found this posted on GameFAQS, but no clue as to where it came from. You'll see some interesting weapons/characters/orbs we haven't seen in the game. Perhaps DLC?
  13. Sorry, the intent of my post wasn't to have it become a "better than you" discussion. I was hoping that those who were unaware of the different type of juggles would see this and realize that there's more to it and just a jump XXXXXX spam.
  14. That's kinda weird, never experienced that one myself. I supposed if you REALLY wanna play as Iceskimo right away, you could always erase his data and start him from level 1. On the main title screen go into the Player Statistics screen, select the Iceskimo, and then I believe you can press Y to bring up the erasure prompt. Not the most ideal solution, but with how long it takes to get back to the Desert, it'll be quicker than waiting on a patch.
  15. Here's a cool video from the #1 Gamertag on the leaderboards, FATTY TABS. This video has inspired me to really work on my weak air juggling technique. Take a look -