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  1. it would be nice for a bbt release date but if they didnt announce it at comic con i dont think they would announce it at pax
  2. Castle Crashers on Steam. Hosting a Castle Crashers Tournament very soon. Upcoming gaming conventions. They're a very small company compared to most others. They prefer taking their time to make one hell of a game. This is a small list of reasons as to why they may be taking a little longer than you'd hope. Now you know, and hopefully now you won't blatantly complain about how long they're taking. but non of those things are big things realy. i agree with richard. converting a game isnt like recreating a game, its changing what you have. the tournament isnt remotly close to a big job. every game company goes to game conventions. True, the behemeth isnt a large game company, but this still does not excuse the long delay since the release date. the reason they "like to take their time" is not because its a hell of a game but because they prefer to not work on bbt ( or so i believe).
  3. i think the timeline will be updated when bbt comes out and dan or whoever has nothing to do
  4. pretty good, just hoping the game is worth the wait!
  5. lets face it, the behemeth is a compony that has been slacking, i mean, i dont hate the compony. ive been with the compony ever since alien hominid ( but just now made a forum account ) ive even gotten all the characters on castle crashers 3 times! the point is, they are slackers (which arent we all?) but the game isnt going to come out for a while.