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  1. Yeah but you know, i sat down all discouraged today... went and got all my animals back and over half of my weapons back... So its just an inconvenience not the end. lol. Its still a fun game. 16 more levels left till im 99 wooooooot. Once this is patched i cant wait for 4 player insane.
  2. well im at 83 and i want 99, cause its there to be had.
  3. Damn, go on today to see i went from having 62 weapons and 26 animals... to go back in a see 3 weapons and no animals. 2500 gold to 0 gold. Shovel, boomerang, Bow and Arrows... gone. Tried the profile swap thing, but with no avail. Oh well i guess throw a check mark up as another person to lose all his crap. BAH!
  4. perhaps..come on behemoth tell us! It's been about 2 weeks now!! These 2 last unlockable characters have driven people f-ing insane! also..regarding weapons, I don't really follow that up, but have people found all 40 yet (would the chainsaw make it 41 with dlc?) I have 63 weapons so far. lol.
  5. Its the same for the Industrialist... same things, its insane
  6. Industrial, spam his saw blades... insaneeeeeeeeeee kills all the bosses in about 30 seconds.
  7. 62 Blue Knight, and 52 Industrial Knight.
  8. Yeah im working on it with him, he is grrrreat.
  9. well the chainsaw will prolly get passed around like the alien HD gun... so much for that.
  10. I beat the game with Blue Knight and now i have a Blue Knight Gamer pic and a Barbarian pic.
  11. Yeah bomb where the wall is cracked... takes about 3 bombs to open the hole.
  12. Guess he did not know cause you don't fight Peasants... but yeah the Peasants Arena... lol
  13. Downloaded, and beaten it. GREAT GAME!!!
  14. Yup, Beat it... Working on Insane now. also have all the weapons so far except 1. as far as i know there is 63 weapons... i have 62. Need to unlock Brute.