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  1. If any of you are wondering why I just randomly pop by on these forums, it's mstly due to the fact that I've been super busy lately and I've only had enough time to hop on periodically. I'll try to get back in the habbit of going on the forums again. Btw game 4 looks freaking awesome. I wonder if it'll be like a XCOM game but with super flashy splashy flash graphics?

  2. So after 2 months I have finally gotten all of the video editing software recovered and I have finished the Watch_Dogs video I said I was working on back then. I do realize that the game has died down a bit in hype factor but please bare with me the editing had a allot of time put into it. Even if you aren't a fan of the game or never played it I assure you you will enjoy the video. I do apologize in advance for any cursing used in the video even though there is not that much. BTW PSYCHOCHIPMUNK, for someone with only 40 subscribers (not saying that I have more or anything ), that was a damn fine put together review and I do think you deserve more credit. I'm not good at spreading the word about other channels but I'll see what I can do both IRL and online. If you see any increase you'll hopefully know why and don't feel tempted to return the favor unless you really don't mind. Keep up the good work . Anyways, without further adieu, I present to you: The Obnoxious Psychopath
  3. Just got it for PC a few hours ago because I couldn't get the main theme song out of my head. It's still stuck there now and it has been for the past week, yet it doesn't bother me at all because it's just that good XD
  4. Still wondering. If any of the mods that work at The Behemoth's location know what was used for code, physics and/or visuals please let me know. I'm dead serious about practicing this stuff and I just thought it would be nice to have a referral of where to start. I will not double post on this thread anymore. I'm sorry.
  5. Yay i might have a concussion :D

    1. cotacool


      That's good to hear. I was starting to get a little bit worried.

  6. Sorry if this is a bump and sorry if this isn't the right place to post this. Feel free to move it's loation where nessesary mods. Basically my question is exacty as what the title says. What programs and software did you guys at The Behemoth use to make your games? So far all I know is that you guys have used Adobe Flash but thats it as far as I know. Please reply as Im thinking of starting a game to work on my coding skills. Thanks for the help.
  7. Soo about that watchdogs video. Turns out my computer decided to refresh on my; deleting all my installed software such as sony vegas and other stuff. all the file are intact but im quite sure is gunna take a while to get sony vegas back.
  8. So i'll click on the little notifications tab because I have 23 notifications and I'd like to look at them, but the things is is that whenever I click on it it doesnt do anything. Any solutions? Also sorry if this is a bump because i'm not too sure if it is or not.
  9. gotta love that broken notification button on the forums :D

  10. What's the channel called? I have been active on youtube lately so I wouldn't mind checking it out. Also on a side note. I'm starting to set up my channel again to get uploads to atleast once a month. I started a Watchdogs video about 2 weeks ago but I haven't been able to get back to editing due to exams. Luckily I just finished my last one today so I might have a few days to work on it before I go away for a while. If it counts for anything, I decided to make the watchdogs video because I get bored out of my mind on that game and paying $70 plus tax (Next gen games in Canada are $70. Yes I know, It's dumb) was kind of a waste for something that generic. Anyways expect a link to the video here when I finish it. BTW CHIP, Nice.
  11. around about 5 hours or so ago I noticed that the "can't stop laughing" bundle (both BBT and castle crashers) was $1.25 or so. yes cheaper than any single price of one of the discounted games. So yea, I didnt get it but thats only because I bought BBT the night before.
  12. "Action failed." - Nearly every link on this website.

  13. So I'm back. Not too sure for howlong but its grreat to see that my notifications panel does not work and is stuck at 20 no matter what. So besides from not having any of my warning points removed, whats up?

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      Just getting games at the Steam Summer Sale.

    3. ChickenOffender


      I'm sorry. what? Listen unless it came from the moon I don't think many people care. No seriously though if a wizard came from the moon don't you think that scientists would go all sciencey on the thing made of cheese that roams our nightishly skies with the passion of a passion fruit? Like would the wizards be in charge of our cheese supply because of their massive amount of cheese located on the moon or would they try and start a dairy revolution with cows, goats and other sorts...

    4. ChickenOffender


      of feather fishes? But never mind all of that, would there be a new reality TV show about wizards and destroy the image of Disney sitcoms forever? Lets hope so. Lets hope so to all of that.