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  1. Who knows? By the way, I hope you enjoyed the game. We worked hard to get people over to the booth this year. If you actually SAW people playing the game, then we did our job. -Tydus
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    Yes, a lot of people know that Castle Crashers is coming to the PS3, but there could always be more! I'd just reccomend starting a topic on various forums (other than this one) about Castle Crashers. Get people talking. Who knows, you might even get them to buy the game. -Tydus
  3. Huge update to the list just made.
  4. Fixed. All other request for listing will have to wait until tomorrow.
  5. I've played the game, and no, you can not be the same character as your friends. And Dan's right, the games confusing enough when your kind of the same, and even worse when your the same character as your fighting.
  6. I've been adding a lot of names, so I may have made a typo. PLEASE let me know if you want me to fix anything.
  7. If you guys are going to fight, I'm just going to have Emil lock this thread. Seriously, this thread was made to discourage newcomers from being intimidated. You guys are doing the the opposite.
  8. I've got a problem: I gave you pizza, and I'm still not a mod.
  9. Yes, you can purchase it via the XBOX LIVE ARCADE with Microsoft Points. Check www.xboxlive.com for details and how to connect.
  10. This issue has been resolved, Emil or Dan will be by to lock it soon. No further posts, please.
  11. I have NO PROBLEM with his list. However, this is not a clan or anything, just a list of gamertags. No commitment, just a group of people willing to play Castle Crashers and have a good time. This isn't THAT official of a list, I'm just a huge fan of Dan and Tom and we hang out at Comic Con. I don't work for the Behemoth or anything.
  12. If you are willing to make your XBOX LIVE gamertag public, post it here. Sandmonkey [Evil Sandmonkey] Phawx [Phawx] Teknoman [TeknomanEX] SmellyCanadian [industrialized] shesjustaglitch [shesjustaglitch] Shafted [CL 20] Kamikazewolf13 [kamikazewolf13] steampunkknight [steampunkknight] clockwork [clockworkftw] yosef/enrekay [mjcballin] Kazoturkey [Kazoturkey] Alexander [AMLow] Damolition [Damolition] XBearXDeadlyXFishX [JABHAMMER117] flareknight [flaminzoos] iblinxz [blinxz1210] ReCkLeSs_X [GT] General Wells [General Wells] SardonicSamurai [sardonicSamurai] Zippy55 [Zippy55] Wandrecanada [Wandrecanada] Zetasaurus [Zetasaurus]
  13. My god Emil, at this rate you'll need a whole board for bugs and issues. BTW, there's a fine line between BBCode testing and picture spamming. But remember for posting an image it's: [img=IMAGE HERE] (replace "IMAGE HERE" with EXACT image URL.)
  14. The game is 100% done, and there's only All You Can Quaff & Arena as far as mini-games go. I guess you'll just have to wait until the next game... ...three years from now.
  15. Finding a live game for an old XBLA title is nearly impossible. My advice: Get CC the first week it comes out. There's a eating mode in there as well (All You Can Quaff) that will most likely have tons of games open.
  16. Thanks for this thread, you really put a lot of work into this.
  17. Best Animal Orb: Troll Best Unlockable Character: Thief Best "Normal" Knight: Blue /thread.
  18. With the game a little under two weeks away, I think it's safe to say not all of the characters are going to be posted on the blog. Those of us that have played the various demos (Comic Con, PAX, ect.) have already seen most of the characters. Every character that you fight that's not a boss will be unlocked.
  19. Am I the only one SUPER happy it's not 1,600? Seriously, Dan and Tom have both said multiple times that this is the biggest story based XBLA game to date, and Microsoft (being the true masterminds behind the pricing) is going to realize that it's a big game, and thus, give it a big price. With that being said, I recently bought 4,000 points specifically for the line-up of great games for XBLA. I'm ready for anything. Also, please try not to re-post stuff from the devblog, we've all already read it.