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  1. Ya, it would kick the pants off all you can quaff. Seems really obvious now that you bring it up
  2. Basically here's how the bug plays out. If you stand with your back turned to the edge of the screen, throw a boomerang and then get it caught behind a certain boss (bat has been done the most, but I've seen it done on medusa, catfish, and anyboss the boomerang does not glide through), the boomerang will just stick behind them, netting the player a lot of effortless XP. Two easy way's to fix this would be to simply make the boomerang go through these bosses, or make it so the boomerang does not do any damage or give XP. Hope this helps!
  3. er...signed! I guess. Peer pressure made me do it. Awesome game I've unlocked quite a lot of characters, and one is level 50 as of now, so obviously it's fun. Online play is lag free, WHEN IT WORKS! Which it does not very often for me. Also, why not update the game so you can join a game already in progress when the party goes to the world map? Would be a lot easier to find games that way, and also keep games going longer.