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  1. Guys. It's a small team. It's not like they can move to a new system where they taking a risk with a new audience. Behemoth is best off sticking to the 360 right now.
  2. His name shall be Magnifico, the Magnificent.
  3. I'm definitely buying Game 3. It's not one of my top games, but it'll be cheep enough for a purchase. 1: Brutal Legend 2: Borderlands 3: Demon's Souls 4: Game 3
  4. I agree with this fellow here I dont Don't be hating on the PS3.
  5. ...Huh? Freeze Blaster? There'll probably be one in the game, but I doubt there will be any straight up guns.
  6. Pfft. I'm just not going to DL the update.
  7. You need common sense and knowledge to avoid data erasing. The sword has nothing to do with it.
  8. Maybe it's because he/she likes the color?
  9. I'd be willing to guess that the Industrial Guy made a decoy of the Orange Princess. If he could build a giant robot, he could build a decoy.
  10. You get new characters for completing the game. It doesn't matter if you played in Co-Op or if you played in Single Player. Some characters will not unlock other characters.
  11. Only Newwonderpuffs think they're cool by stating the rules.