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  1. In order to capture recruits, you need Sofia (or someone with a net) and an empty cage. Pick one enemy to recruit, and kill all the others. When your target is the last remaining enemy, move Sofia to a spot in range for her net (2 spaces from the enemy) and move the rest of your fighters away so they won't attack. It's important to note that if your net-user is killed, you cannot recruit anyone until they're revived. You can use a potion on the world map (if you have one) or return to the city.
  2. A friend of mine transferred his data and now he appears to have 31 animal orbs unlocked. How exactly is this possible if there are only 29 animal orbs in the game? I suspect it involves Pelter and Dragonhead in the Insane Store, but I can't confirm this.
  3. As far as I can tell, the Antlion has a higher defense if you attack it from the right. My lvl 99 Industrialist recently reached the Desert in Insane Mode, and I can kill an Antlion from the left side with five or six splash attacks. It takes either seven or eight splash attacks to kill an Antlion from the right.