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  1. Here are a few screenshots of my castle, from now on it will be the green knight's castle, I built a small castle on my other world but I don't want it to be my green knight's castle cause it's small
  2. Holy shizzle ma nizzle of the hizzle r dizzle I actually won something. Pictures coming right up Thank you soo much!!!
  3. I've played it. Nice how it has cave-ins that can trap you. Great other than that. Hah lol
  4. I can't wait no more O_O I'm so excited... It's been longer than half an hour now O_o :S I'd probably go in a corner and cry if nothing happens...
  5. Yeah lol, but I accepted your friend request but it shows that I still haven't accepted lol.
  6. Hahaha I remember once when there was a contest in a forum and about 20 people signed up just to enter, although the op said that whoever registers after the post they can't enter lol.
  7. Hello, I was wondering (Also if anyone else knows) what's your next project, I haven't been following the dev blog really but yeah. So will you be making another 2D game or something like Minecraft or totall different, something very new. Quick question or something lol.
  8. Thanks guys!! Thank you Golden Whale for getting it back on topic xD
  9. Yeah sure, hopefully we'll get to talk on the weekend because I can stay on my PC longer for up to 1 am (My time GMT - 0) So I don't know about your time
  10. I would use my favourite green knight skin (Others look good but CC is my favourite 2D game so that's why) Build a mini castle just for him in my secret world And a big statue But I would need alot of wool, that's why i'm waiting for creative mode ;D I'd laugh if I got the code I never win anything cause...nvm lol <---------That's my promise there
  11. Yeah man, I already talked to Jugg4n4ut now I need to talk to you Haven't seen you online from the time you sent me the friend request :/
  12. My first friend! ^_^ Thanks for adding me :)

  13. I will add you two on Skype later on this evening And looking great tayseanpwns!
  14. Howdy everybody, my friend (Kyle) decided to make a game that will most likely be on steam and maybe Xbox. We have a programer (Kyle) Level designer (Me) Forum designer (Dallas ad Josh) My friend Kyle needs more artists, I haven't got much time so i'm helping him to find artists. If you are interested in helping Kyle with level design etc please if you have skype add this name: almantas36. It is my Skype name and I will talk to you for a bit and invite you to our group. If you do not have Skype you can always contact us on Gmail, I personally don't give out Gmail's but you can go to this website here: PM Kyle and he will talk to you. Thank you!