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  1. Banned because it's my job to be here and check up on the forums
  2. banned for being the last post about the last post in 2017 & pre-Discord era
  3. As far as I know, there are no physical Behemoth stores. Maybe you could ask your parent or guardian to purchase the item for you, and pay them via cash?
  4. The Xbox One Remastered version is not compatible with the 360 version, I believe. I am deeply sorry I cannot provide you with a more concrete answer.
  5. At this point it would almost be messed up to make you guys restart.
  6. i'm glad atleast you still stick around o v o Thanks Cyrus! I think I can speak for everyone when I say we enjoy you being here too!
  7. That's really cool! I like it!
  8. Did you enter the code on the main page of the xbox store where it says "redeem code"? If you are still having issues, please report your issue
  9. Your work is really awesome! Great job!
  10. banned for not linking sweet home alabama!
  11. Banned for hating on the state with the best anthem!
  12. So last beta for BBT went as the following: I got an email for the game beta code, downloaded the game, played various modes. There was a beta forums thread, in which users who had access to the beta could report bugs/glitches, to help iron out the final product. I have absolutely no idea how the process will work, so please don't take my words as verbatim for how The Behemoth plans to launch the beta for Pit People. With that all being said, I am also very exited! I have loved all of their games thus far and can't wait to try out their newest one!
  13. Banned for using a reference towards a moba game!
  14. Banned for not having more sly cooper in your signature!
  15. Banned for using bold lettering.