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  1. You keep missing the same jump until you get mad and throw your controller out the window then curse so loud the whole neighborhood hears you.
  2. The CoD series hands down. It's the same thing everytime, treyarch and infinity ward are money hungry. They don't even focus on scenario anymore it's just all about multiplayer. At least they are trying something new with advanced warfare though.
  3. So she thinks all the thieves and stove faces are black... XD
  4. She tells your father and he knocks all your teeth out. You are head banging to music.
  5. Banned for not following the rules and quoting before banning!
  6. As the title says imagine games like super Mario and super Metroid with dlc
  7. pranger... alright I admit I googled it
  8. banned for not having any mistakes in (you're) sentence.
  9. I'm still incredibly salty about not getting a substitution spell. To make a player even (saltier) the ninja pirate is nerfed. The flashy attacks do mediocre damage and not really the best for insane mode, but doable if your experienced.
  10. Meh either works for me though I've only gotten by the marsh once by myself and I wouldn't dare go through necromancer without a partner.
  11. Yeah pretty much what roy said, but the pirate ninja is cool for magic and looks