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  1. Alright then. I'll try and get one of the mods to delete this thread.
  2. Let's make this short and sweet, I've lost two skylanders tournaments in the final round to a guy that used Ninjini. Who can I use to deal enough damage and keep from being stun-locked by Ninjini?
  3. Soo, I was looking through my games the other day and I went to one of my favorite games ever, Overlord 2, and I looked at it and the achievements and noticed that I was missing some pvp/multiplayer achievements. At first I was like "well, I have most of them" then I was like. "I DONT HAVE ALL OF THEM IN ONE OF MY FAVORITE GAMES!!!" So I went into the multiplayer menu and searched for games and hosted games. Alas, it was like walking into blockbuster! A ghost town! Nobody but myself! Is anyone up for some Overlord 2 if you play it?
  4. ok, so I just keep trying over and over agian. Good thing I'm not one to rage. Thanks for the help, and the laughs.
  5. You: Do you have to blow everything up? Me: as a matter of fact, I do.

  6. Hey, at least you looked at the topic.
  7. Hey fellow forum members! I was wondering if anyone could give some advice, tips, or any thing that can help me beat serious sam 3: bfe on "serious" difficultly. I hope I'm not the only forum member who plays the serious sam games. Keep in mind that no help can include me getting other players to help. I need to do this by myself for the achievement. I can beat the game on all other difficulties.
  8. ok, you can keep Winston, I earned him already, but buckle would be great.
  9. You should be careful double posting as it is against the rules, if you need to say more you should edit your previous post. thanks angel, didn't realize that was a rule. all for free, except for gerard, which should be like 40-60 gems. ( gerard cost gems because it took me a while to get someone to trade him to me.) how about 70 gems to pay for labor
  10. Hey thanks guys! ill add you as soon as i get my xbox hooked up and im settled into my new house. you guys have been a great help. name your price though
  11. Soooo, Ive moved into a hotel for almost two months and hav'nt been able to get any BBT heads for a long time. I will be moving into a house shortly and that means that i will get my xbox 360 back! I was wondering if anyone could be so kind as to give me some of the BBT star heads. You can name any price and i will be paying you gems until that price is payed. You can also have any non-star heads of mine that you would like. you dont have to give me more than one head unless you want to, im missing gerard through the newest ones. I will be forever in your debt if you sell me just one star head. Then when I get all the star heads im missing, everyone will get a shoutout on my youtube channel and ill add your gamertags on the end of every video i post on youtube under the title "Elusive Kat's Hero's". I know you probobly dont want to part with your star heads and i understand that. But if there is one person that can give me a star head i dont have ill be very grateful. (P.S.) If you sell me a head and you play CC then when we fight in the arena i wont juggle. Thank you all, Elusive Kat.
  12. Alright fine! I admit Juggling is worth it! what i should have said was i don't like pwning my girlfriend, my friends get juggled by me all the time. Yes i'm afraid juggling is superior.
  13. When you juggle, you press xyxxyy, same diffrence. :/