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  1. I'm thrilled to see more info on Game 3. I frankly cannot wait for it. EDIT: Here's something I've noticed thus far: I'm red/green colorblind, and at least when the screen is zoomed out I have a hard time telling the Orange Team's blocks from the Green Team's blocks. Are we going to be able to pick team colors so my friends and I can select distinct colors?
  2. That was a great interview! It was very insightful! Thanks guys!
  3. The word is that the trailer is coming on the 18th.
  4. In Alien Hominid I have a hell of a time with the Electric Box boss. Damn.
  5. This does seem like the sort of thing that The Behemoth would like to know about.
  6. Dan has confirmed that it does nothing. You don't really expect everything you dig up to be treasure, do you?
  7. I agree that I would have rather they made the new characters and items hidden in the game, but imagine all of the players who would have been pissed that the things they just paid for they can't have right away. No matter what, you can't please everyone. On the other hand, the description of the DLC that they put up here on the site explains EXACTLY what you're getting and how much it costs. It is up to each player to decide if it is worth their money, and if they aren't happy with their choice later, that certainly isn't the fault of the Behemoth.
  8. Just because he/she says they didn't cheat, doesn't mean it is true. But I don't have any real evidence that they are lying either. I'm skeptical though. It would be a rare glitch if it has only happened to one person.
  9. Playable princesses would be rad. Of course, the Orange Princess would have to be crazy hard to unlock.
  10. I would love to see that. Seriously, put that up on YouTube. I would LOVE to see it.