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  1. Also, the whole inventory could be upgraded to unlimited as there won't be any problems with not being able to collect all of your rewards in the wild. And you wouldn't have to go back to where you previously were for that.
  2. If there will be a new update following the full release of Pit People, there should be changes made to the inventory when out in the wild. I think that the healings, nitro boosters, resurrections, and recruit cages should be made unlimited so it won't be mixed in with the rewards we make doing missions out in the wild. It can be a hassle not being able to collect all of your rewards and having to go all the way back to where you were before just to collect the rest of your rewards. It would be very beneficial for all and it would really help a lot.
  3. I was chosen so I'm guessing I'm able to use my save data from the beta onto the full game which is what you're saying right?