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  1. lunchbox820


    Wow thats all super cool!
  2. Those are pretty sweet!
  3. I never said cost had anything to do with it. And it seems we are viewing these programs from different viewpoints. As a photographer and individual that uses the Adobe Suite for business there is no way we could ever accomplish the things we need to with programs such as paint, gimp, etc. As somebody doing some fan art in their spare time, and just generally focking around, then yeah you can get by with some of that stuff, some artistic ability, and knowing the ins and outs. But directly compared price and everything else aside, and if you have extensive knowledge of both, you are going to be able to create far better final product in a professional quality program like the Adobe ones rather than in some of the more basic programs. And I would like to know why you believe CS2 was the high point. Just curious. I have been using the Adobe programs since Photoshop 7 and while there are some things I wish they hadn't changed, overall I believe they have gotten better with each revision. So uhm, Dan Paladin uses Flash, and so do most of the web comic artists out there, and most professional graphic artists use the Adobe Suite in one form or another. You're saying none of them have any skill? And your statement of most of the art being done for you is just ignorant. By that logic nobody should even be using computer or making digital art, as "things are already done for you". Everybody should be ink, pencil, or paint. As an artist there are plenty of different mediums and whichever one chooses to use is just a different form of expression. *note: I never said any program sucked.
  4. to me. ANYTHING is superior to adobe CS3 and 4 Now I never said there isn't anything that has the same capabilities or that some people might prefer over the Adobe Creative Suites. I stated that MS Paint is in no way superior. Let's face it. Some cool stuff can be done in paint but it does not have near the capabilities that the ACS programs have. The ACS programs are the current professional standard. Obviously they wouldn't be in that position if they were garbage.
  5. wow...poor dude threads got jacked Anyway, yeah you can make some cool stuff in paint, and major props to those that do. But MS Paint is in no way superior to any of the Adobe Creative Suite programs.
  6. lunchbox820

    Red and Orange

    Very cool dude! I love it when I see things that aren't just copies but an individuals own version and interpretation. Major props!
  7. Don't feel bad. Alot of people can't draw on the computer. Its especially hard if you only have access to limited programs. i.e. paint. Just keep trying. And if you can't draw on the computer but can draw by hand, then draw by hand and scan it or take a pic. Fan Art can cover a variety of mediums. It doesn't have to be art on the computer. Mine is usually in the form of polymer clay Just keep trying!
  8. I'm fairly sure he uses Adobe Flash and a tablet. Not sure on the exact version, or tablet, but I know its been stated around here before.
  9. This should probably be in Fan Art. But whatever. Check the Fan Art section. There is alot of member that have signature request threads.
  10. Wow! Thanks for all the positive comments everybody! I didn't expect this to be on the front page again until I finally updated it at some time with some new work. As was the case with the long break between the last ones, classes as well as work, and some social things take up most of my time recently. Hopefully I'll get a chance to do some more soon.
  11. lunchbox820


    I don't know how I haven't commented on these before! Love em' Its cool to see all the mediums people work in. I've done a few animal orbs in clay but they have been few and far between recently. Kudos on the dedication! Keep it up!
  12. Those are pretty freakin cool! Love the variations!
  13. not gonna lie. I lol'd a bit when I saw "THIS IS CASTLE CRASHERS". Cool art dude! And props for being from Illinois!