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  1. Derpreaper1337

    What game are you playing ATM?

    I am currently playing castle crashers, just earned the arena master achievement however øn the regular game. I keep running intø cheaters. this ruins the fun for everyone.
  2. Derpreaper1337

    You're banned! sørry but I ate all the chips 2. yøur banned for eating those chips, those were my (chip brand) and I wanted them.
  3. the troll levels in battleblock and modders øf castle crashers are a problem.

  4. Derpreaper1337

    Least favorite stage?

    i hate full moon. it has to do with all the enemies that spawn.
  5. Derpreaper1337

    How Many Times Have You Been Scammed In The Gift Shop?

    I had been scammed abøut 2-3 times in gams, 7 in real life. trust ønly the best øf friends.
  6. usually gets put in arøund Friday. perhaos every 2-3 weeks