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  1. What if there was like a mini raccalope that grabbed people in their jaws and threw them a few feet away or something similar that isn't insta kill
  2. FijianSalamander

    Favorite Weapon?

    I really like the dart gun, I think it's useful in both story and arena. In Story you can use them for both platforming and hitting enemies off ledges, and in Arena I always use it in King of The Hill to knock people off and to stop people from jumping up to the King Blocks.
  3. FijianSalamander

    Battlepedia In Progress

    I added info to both the trading post and blocks page, what is the approximate time for these to be approved? Sorry if I seem impatient, just curious. Great job on the wiki by the way!!!
  4. FijianSalamander

    Battlepedia In Progress

    Does anybody have a picture of the king of the hill block for battlepedia? edit: nevermind sorry guys!
  5. I'm on coop fur 5 and the portal wont let us go through, is this a glitch? edit: nvmd got it!
  6. FijianSalamander

    Code For Beta Yet?

    i haven't got mine yet! please email don't mess this up!
  7. I know that there is the task list, but can we do anything else besides what's on the list or no?
  8. FijianSalamander

    Battleblock Theater Beta

    I made a mistake with the email, will it be counted against me if I signed up twice?
  9. FijianSalamander

    What Do You Want To Do With New Skin?

    oops scratch that got the email!!
  10. FijianSalamander

    What Do You Want To Do With New Skin?

    Oh no, i dont think i have enough approved posts for me to make my email available for people to see. I'm guessing the staff can see it but i don't know...
  11. FijianSalamander

    Oh Man Steam... Oh.. Oh..

    Alien Hominid better be on steam after CC! The computer controls will probably be better than the consoles. CC PC's might be a little harder than the console. Agreed? I prefer my controllers to keyboard. Also, play the newgrounds game that spawned Alien Hominid. I bet it'll cool to see how the new controls are.
  12. FijianSalamander

    What Do You Want To Do With New Skin?

    also i think ill make the giant antler frog as my house
  13. FijianSalamander

    What Do You Want To Do With New Skin?

    I'll recreate the Barbarian Arena and host fights with my friends and probably recreate the eskimo arena, my favorite . I'll also get three friends and we'll reenact the story mode as the beautiful knights. I really really want this skin pack!