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  1. Heh, I can't wait to watch them, I hope I'm not spamming. But if I am, Glitch'll be here momentarily.
  2. Never done it, Not a big fan of stuff like this.
  3. Yeah, I had a few. They were awesome.
  4. Great idea, By the way, I love your avatar. .
  5. I just looked at the soviet pack, Good pick. Looks awesome.
  6. Absolutely not, we have an awesome game already done, User created crap will delay the game.
  7. Yeah, It wasn't a bad game. Definetly not 10/10 worthy though.
  8. Schooling isn't necessary to get a good job, If you're name is dan paladin. I wish the Toronto Blue Jays would make the playoffs.
  9. Levi, Congratulations on making so many great avatars, It's great that you're doing this.
  10. Canada, I saw that and was going to say exactly what you said. Good on yeh.
  11. If you could get dan to draw something, That'd be pretty sweet.
  12. Oh the days of youth... I'm 19 lol, I laughed when I saw that. .
  13. yea, same for me, thats why i want there to be a dragoon so much Exactly, I haven't seen one that cool yet.