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  1. Probably make an interesting action game with an old-school feel. A game that's like Astro Boy on the GBA, but with 2 players would be sweet.
  2. Yeah, but I would've preferred them to make something more old-school like an interesting shmup or a side-scroller like Astro Boy or Silhouette Mirage. Then again, for something new, it looks very promising, but I like to think The Behemoth as a company akin to Treasure with their simple action games with fun bosses.
  3. It's not like The Behemoth to not include bosses in any of their games. I sure hope that it does have bosses because I can't think of it as a TB game if it doesn't. I do enjoy the concept of a competitive platformer, I just want the campaign to be just as exciting as AH and CC.
  4. ... -and-xbla/ I must say that I did not expect this. I played a good amount of this game on MAME.
  5. What do you guys think of that?
  6. What bosses do you think you might see in the campaign mode? I think we might see a bannana boss lol.
  7. I think it would be cool if we had a sequel to the Turtles in Time arcade game and it should have the graphics from the XBLA remake. It should be longer than the two arcade games and have more levels, and have more villains from the old TV show as bosses, including new ones such as Slash, Groundchuck, Pizza Face, Triceraton, Super Rocksteady & Mighty Bebop, Rat King, and many more. Although the bosses have life bars, you have an option to let them just flash light as you damage them more.
  8. Hell, look at Alien Hominid, all you have to do is just get your ship back while blasting away government agents, and you all like it so much.
  9. Well technically, you don't always need a good story to have a good game. Take Contra for example, all that game pretty much about just blowing stuff up. Each level in the game is pretty much different, riddled with exciting action.
  10. The girl wouldn't be too hot, something more like Alyx Vance. What I think redwall is trying to say is that most people would check out this game to see the hot girl protagonist. A first person shooter means that you see through the character's eyes. Seeing through the character's eyes = not seeing much of the character. I can't really judge the idea of this game without at least a basic idea of a story line. But as I said before, I don't really consider a huge arsenal as weapons all that important, or impressive. But regardless of my opinions, hopefully you get to see your ideas realized, and hopefully they become a huge success. Well the game would obviously have cutscenes so you would be able to actually see her.
  11. The girl wouldn't be too hot, something more like Alyx Vance.
  12. It does add alot more variety when it comes to having firepower. It doesn't mean it will be a good game. Megaman is a good game, and it doesn't have many. So you're comparing a platformer to an FPS? Besides, good gameplay is way more important than the weapons themselves.
  13. It does add alot more variety when it comes to having firepower.
  14. Sounds a lot like the horrible game called "Wet" Except alot better. PS: I just revised my weapons list.
  15. I wasn't really thinking about story, I just think that an FPS with a female protagonist having this many weapons would be pretty neat. But now that you mention it, the game would sorta liked Tomb Raider, FarCry 2, and Modern Warfare combined. You go through all kinds of places ranging from cities, to jungles, and et cetra. But yeah, I think the biggest draw for this game would be the weapon variety.