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  1. kijib

    Steam Launch Misstep

    Yes, it is. And this never happen i think. But look at this: (i don't know how to /spoiler the image) It's a screen from my game, played in 1080. Bodies are """ok""", but some of the textures seems too blurry, like the faces in this pic. This could be easily fixed, i think... i hope .__. wow that is blurry
  2. kijib

    Steam Launch Misstep

    I was really suprised they didn't just include the dlc in the game, especially since it's $15
  3. kijib

    Chonku Chonku Giveaway

    congrats winners!
  4. kijib

    Price Drop On Steam

    I imagine Valve will probably add the difference to your wallet
  5. kijib

    Chonku Chonku Giveaway

    I'd put it on a shelf in my room XD
  6. kijib

    Castle Crashers Steam! Its Here!

    Really hoping to win a code, thanks for the chance!
  7. kijib

    Wreck-It Ralph

    Don't forget Zangeif is in it too XD
  8. kijib

    Pc Modding Support?

    A level maker would be awesome but I think that's asking too much from the devs
  9. kijib

    Quesion About Castle Crashers On Steam

    I know some games have cross platform play like dungeon defenders so it could be possible
  10. I am honestly suprised indie devs still use XBLA after that news they charge devs $40,000 just to patch their game
  11. kijib

    Team Fortress 2

    I stopped playing TF2 after the f2p update, I play it every now and then like for the new co op update but not nearly as much as I used to
  12. kijib

    Did My Time Machine Work!?

    Where does one get one of these time machines?
  13. kijib

    Castle Crashers Pc

    Here's a good question, will we get to use Alien Hominid unlockable character?
  14. kijib

    Official NEW MEMBERS thread!

    Hi everyone, I'm new here! Good to be part of these forums