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  1. Hello everyone !). I wanted to know if some player would be interested to play with me, i've got Red knight level 99(completed insane) my other level 99 are: The King,The necromancer,Cult Minion,Pink knight (dlc) blacksmith knight (purple,dlc) Alien Hominid. Add me on steam: Nightshades i'm also Nightshades in all game. Thanks.
  2. Yes,but all of my char are level 99 and i play online, good luck to find me <<haha>> yes we ruin the game like we ruined the game in diablo 2 / diablo 3 if i want to affect the leaderboards i will do but every noob who will be jealous of this amazing score will report so, don't try to trap me it's fail like you who fail with your poor low char ;D think what you want. And about hacker Mr.Assembler, google ValiantChaos he is great and share his work. Gotta go play Hearth Of The Swarm i let the beginner level up a bit their char. And i cannot start a modding topic here already asked a MOD.
  3. yes i'll play Solo with friend's + Debugger why =) ?. If i want to cheat i will do it and if your jealous it's not my problem who haven't cheat in a game seriously =?^^ and i cheat in all games like in Starcraft 2 All portrait unlocked in 2 week via the Trade System indeed, my english is too good i'm french and i'm happy try to speak french then i will laught =). all of my char are level 99 and can be level 1337 modded,yes you can go more than 99.... bunch of noob in the field of view go play Mario Kart =XD. ---Topic Closed---
  4. HAHAHA Mr.UberLordNightshades =P it's the account of a friend but i will buy the game for mine and i will kick your balloon on the leaderboard @Skull Collect =DDD. to be honest i've already finished the game in insane the last 4 year on my PS3 Without cheating,but after i've jailbreaked it indeed the modded files has been added =PP. have you another question ^^ my little knight ?^^. you want a video for the xp or what lol gold ?... XD the leaderboard is made for cheater =) that's why some guys have full golden skull,they have collected 1 skull =).
  5. So you beat insane...by cheating? Congratulations? +1 and i don't need 3 other player drop your pocket
  6. miaaaaaaaaaaaaaaooooooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuu !!!!!!!!!!!!!! said the cat !) ~TheFrench =xD

    1. UberLordNightshades


      I've spammed the twitter of behemoth and haven't won a key =XD i will buy the game later, u will play with me and all my level 99 Megan :) ? (cheat cheat cheat in all games :) ). the cheat is the power the Hex is the key .

    2. UberLordNightshades


      Perhaps should change my gtx 580 to the 690 to increase my % ^^... I will send to them my dxdiag they will see if im a retard french ®lol® ©heers =o_O

  7. Sure i've switched the hitbox of the purple hammer attack by the Cyclops Knife hitbox. The hammer go throught any object of the map except the props such as door.boulder rock and other doodads/object/prop_dynamic. That's do 0 damage on a normal monster ( hammer wil rotate,stuck in the monster) but for the boss, the hammer is stuck (in the monster) and do 99 damage per 0.01s or 0.001s too much number pop up . Perfect for insane change your HEX amount of xp to max you will have 1lvl/hit also for the gold. That's better on PC ^^. Ye i'm funny.
  8. indeed, gg, i don't know how to draw but gg =P you should use photoshop to color them and have an awesome render, =) te faut une palette graphique !. =D
  9. xD this fan arts is good =D, can you try to make the Evil Wizard Capturing the Red Crystals with the 4 knight at his back ? ^^ (under arrest with the king lol) c'est le 36-15 ici =PP
  10. Hey ! For everyone who don't know you can use MotionJoy to emulate gamepad (great software freeware) connect your ps3 controller on your computer,start motionjoy, choose what gamepad you want to emulate such ps1,ps2,ps3,xbox360 (we want that) then select enable it,start the game and enjoy. At the 1st launch you will need to load the driver then select the gamepad you will emulate, for more information go to the official website of MotionJoy !. I hope i've helped some guys .
  11. It's because the sprite aren't well resized for our screen i have a 27" and the sprite are seriously ugly ! They have added smooth to counter that but the graphics break my eyes.i'm in 120hz. Megan you know what to do xD.
  12. Could you PM me a dxdiag of your PC? We will look into it. And by we, I mean our lovely, and much more knowledgable than I, support team. Thanks! Nice work megan ^^ /top5 customer assistance "this use amxmodx" lol
  13. Hey ! Another great idea would be to create a Survival Invasion mod which will contain only aliens ! Remember when your into the Space Ship you have an army at your back !. The mod will be in 3 round with 3 options 1 timer of 1 minute/3minute/5minute The best player who will have the best score (new GUI/Scoreboar) Or another Variable of this mod should be to add all character of the game which is the 1 character type of the 1st level to the end of the game in an intensive Wave Arena Mod. There will be the remaining monster who will spawn/ the number of waves will be determinated by the skills of the players. That's mean if you want to select hard wave you will have this difficulty with a hard challenges but if you want to have a real challenge, choose Insane. Each Waves will be more harder, wave completed =more monster power = more health. I can't remember how much boss there are in the game but for exemple 6 boss will be a boss all 10 waves, that's mean in insane you will have The Evil Wizard as the last Waves + The Cyclops at the same times ( human morph of evil wizard) at the end of each wave you will have Gold/Gems. The player will have a %* gold multiplier based on there scores. A new menu should be added in the hall of fame which will Show the best Player of CastleCrashers !. (name+class of character,level of character,last waves beaten,best score). Each difficulty have their respective background/type of maps. Each Waves of Boss will teleport the player to a boss arena if it's insane you will have 2 boss at the same time but without minion/monster (except the necromancer who will spawn them) I hope you enjoy the idea i really want ®thebehemoth to create them that's can be a serious great game,better than now !. Comment/Idea Share all.