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  1. Nice find. I'd really like to see a video of this.
  2. My first choice was the Green Knight, and is still my favorite.
  3. Whoa! I'd love to be in a machinima like I said in another topic. I've done machinima before!!!
  4. Why would the Behemoth be over? They're simply just getting started. Alien Hominid and Castle Crashers are successes, so I'm guessing no matter what they put out, it will be appealing to most. Who knows what's next, though. CC just came out so let's wait awhile...a long while.
  5. Yugo

    New Animal Orb (fanmade)

    Penguins? Wooden piggy banks? Panda thingies? Awesome! But where are the turtles!!!!!!!! and a duck...gotta have a duck. How about, Shellton and Quackalicious. Thoughts?
  6. Sounds interesting. They would look very unique considering littlebig planet's artistic style. Kratos looks cool, so I can imagine the Crashers would too.
  7. Amazing! Tell me you people don't see a live action film, right here. I sure as hell do. Great job. They look much scarier in a realistic fashion. Barbarian must look even scarier.
  8. Yugo

    Two cents

    I really like this, Lintman. Looks very raw. Two thumbs up. That skeleton is getting owned, btw. Pure win, right there.
  9. Lunchbox, you must make Owlet! These are great. I want one sooo bad! Having Owlet sitting on my pencil while I'm taking tests, he can get me fruit whenever! Good job for getting on the front page, Lunchbox.
  10. Orange ftw! I've never been so satisfied with beating a video before in my entire life as much as CC.
  11. Dude, if Dan P is offering to draw up a tat for you, you better take it! Hell, even if you end up not getting it tatted to you, frame it instead! Very cool of you Dan.
  12. I don't think any expansions of storyline has been announced yet, but I have a feeling it can happen. New characters and weapons are announced for DLC soon, though. Necromancer, King, Chainsaw...all that good stuff.
  13. Yeah, the dig spot is completely useless for now. It could have been a joke or something they were going to implement in the game but decided not to. As for Eastwood/Norris. Love Eastwood, but Norris? Steven Seagal. Three words. Hard. To. Kill.
  14. Yugo


    One of my favorite songs in the game!