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  1. Yup. Hello! Anyone who is not receiving the special Head as the client -- I have a few questions for you. This issue does not seem to be happening for most users, so any info you can provide would be much appreciated! 1. What method of matching to the host did you use (invite, Quick Match, Host/Find Player Match)? 2. Had you seen ANY other bugs or strange error messages prior to attempting to complete the Feature (such as a message saying your profile had not loaded)? 3. Did you participate in our Beta? If so, did your progress from the Beta carry over? 4. Did you complete the playlist in its entirely with ONE host, or did you play part of the Feature with one person and part with another? 5. Had you completed the Solo playlist as well? 6. Did either account (host or client) not actually purchase the title with the account they were using (for example: your brother actually bought the game with his profile, but you swapped to your profile and played that way)? Thank you in advance! I had the same problem last night: 1. I hosted with a friend, and invited him to it. 2. No other bugs came up 3. Neither of us took part in the Beta 4. I completed the co-op locally with a friend (who has a silver xbox live account, then traded my head piece to another local non-xbox live account) Then played with a friend who has a gold xbox live account via online and an invite. 5. I have not completed the solo yet 6. Both gold memberships had purchased the game. The problem was I didn't get the head piece, and neither did my online xbox friend. We also went and beat all the encores just in case.
  2. GT: djneked I just want to play. And I got nobody to play with. I got a mic, and I'd rather play through all of normal mode co-op if possible. But of course, I'm good for anything.
  3. Is there a specific place we can go to help with bug issues and/or suggestions? Cause a push to talk button would be unbelievable, as well as being able to join into a game already going.
  4. Hey Megan, just so you know, if someone enters a steam code too many times, they are restricted from doing so for about an hour or so. I just found out from trying to do Joystiq's contests.
  5. Is there a specific place I should watch on the forums for the contests?