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    did you know that...

    you can play the horn in different octaves?...maybe someone can make a song when you blow the horn, I think u use the d-pad in up,down,left or right to make different pitches with the horn. I'd just like to let you guys know
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    I Love you, Castle Crashers!

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    honestly, it was pretty crap like what people said, industrial guy shouldnt be hillbilly-ish. The plot was just like "meh" more special effects or clearer quality
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    Lol DLC

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    Cyclops plot curiousity

    I thought the cyclops secretly had a gay crush for him, and that's why he stole the princess in the first place, blaming his friend's death on her.
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    NoobToob Review for Castle Crashers (Two Thumbs Down)

    really top 5? It's just a review, Emil I don't think you should take it so personally, it's not the reviewers who are supporting your games, its us fans. Honestly, yeah noobtoob can be pretty blunt and brutal, but that's kinda what I like about them, they dont sugar-coat stuff and tell it like it is. And one thing I've come to learn is not to trust reviews, because no matter who, noobtoob or gameinformer or w/e, there will always be a bias. But, they have every right to be angry for purchasing a game for 15 dollars and seeing how their main component isn't functioning (the online multiplayer that is), and I'm pretty angry as well. So blame me, I'm angry because the game doesn't work to it's full potential. But I love the game, and I'm glad you guys are working hard on the patch.
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    NoobToob Review for Castle Crashers (Two Thumbs Down)

    good to see yall aren't that hardcore to defend a game that actually has problems but hey nothing's perfect, and that's what reviewers want: perfection... but anyways, im on the flooded temple normal if somebody wants ta play with me I am standing up for Castle Crashers solely because its an excellent game. The review itself is...garbage. They do not focus on any gameplay, achievements, weapons, animal orbs, play length...nothing... Though the online problem is worth mentioning, it should NOT be the focus of the review. That video was more like a preview, than a review. no game should be reviewed on achievements. It's not like they completely shitted on the game, they said the game was polished as hell, but the playibility function is loveed.
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    When is dlc being released?

    after the patch comes hopefully.
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    Back in 2005...

    the knights look hella buff, lol.
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    NoobToob Review for Castle Crashers (Two Thumbs Down)

    I think what a lot of people are misinterpreting is the two thumbs down... yuzo and tobin don't use a number scaled review system, just a thumps up, or a thumps down. And it generally just means you should buy it, you shouldn't. 2 thumbs down doesn't mean exactly 5/10 or something, but it just means you shouldn't buy it due to the current online problems. And I'm not putting games down because it has no online element. Look at bioshock, oblivion, half-life 2, all brilliant single player games. I'm beating down on castle crashers because, in all honesty, it's a game designed for multiplayer, especially online with xbox-live. In all regards it's not a bad game, with its full potential and polish for the campaign to the arenas, this a game thats prob better than 80% retail games. But like they said, noobtoob will re-review the game when the new patch comes out. IMO noobtoob is a pretty reliable source, since it's coming from real, unsposored gamers, so you don't have some gamespot scandal or gametrailers fiascas dismissing mgs4 as "boring". The only games I have ever disagreed with them is crackdown (wtf it's not that great...), gta4 (a great game...until the 10 hour mark), and Prey.
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    NoobToob Review for Castle Crashers (Two Thumbs Down)

    i love noobtoob, been a follower for about a year now. Talk about some biased opinions, well of course if you're going to put a video demoting castle crashers, everyone's going to call them morons. But be honest, I love castle crashers and I know most of you guys do as well, but you have to agree with them as gamers. Who the hell wants to play this game by yourself? In yuzo's words "they screwed the pooch", and I totally agree with that. For a game that's solely based on multiplayer (co-op) and have it not work is a huge blow to the game. Imagine Halo 3 or Cod4 being offline during the 1st month of release. But they did say the game is a blast locally, which it is, and that is why I loved it (I played 4 player local, 1 sitting beat the game). But if I had no friends and wanted to play online, I would of hated castle crashers. And I know that Behemoth's team is small, I just think that they should of tested it more, I still love them though So before all you fanboys start saying "they're morons" or "I disagree with all their reviews", consider the fact that not everyone is a behemoth-super fan.
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    thank you behemoth! an homage to your awesomeness!

    omg you're amazing! When you do get to the knights, I'd like to see the Blue Knight with (any animal you haven't done yet ) The eskimo is awesome!!
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    Which Knight Do You Think is The Best?

    blue knight all da way
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    thank you behemoth! an homage to your awesomeness!

    when you check xbox 360 friends list, and the friend is playing castle crashers and he's using the ninja character, it'll say, "playing ninjer on "so and so" maybe a typo from the behemoth team XD
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    statement about the new weapons?

    So are they actually found in the game...just rare-balloon drops? Because, ive heard rumors that it's actually like a viral achievement of some sorts. Basically, people on other forums have said Behemoth gave the top people on the leaderboards the items, and it's only spread throughout online games... any confirmation that someone actually found the weapons by themselves?? also the weapons if ya don't know, Blood-Stained sword King's Sceptor
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    Mega64 does Castle Crashers.

    lol, i laughed when he said "if u ever apply to yale, we'll reject you." mega 64 is so funny
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    King's Scepter IS AVAILABLE AND I HAVE IT!

    So has Behemoth declared a statement about this yet? As for the blood-stained it really new, it seems like ive seen it before.
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    Should I buy it?

    I played the demo of the game, it's really hard! For the second major boss, was the only strategy to shoot him in the eye? because that took forever!! But I like the games simplicity and humor (fat-kid/fbi) and the gore
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    You're banned!

    banned for banning yourself. No one likes an emo.
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    thank you behemoth! an homage to your awesomeness!

    you rock. I just found these pictures, you should really try one of the knights if you have the time (it must be bothering to have so many people request stuff )
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    Extend your castle. *my webcomic*

    what is that, windows 11? zing*
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    King's Scepter IS AVAILABLE AND I HAVE IT!

    holy moses....I wonder what else haven't we found!!! my gt is snipingranger if someone is kind enough to give me the sceptor, send me a message
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    New Weapon Found - Bloodstained Sword

    wait...this is new? dude guys Ive had this weapon since like the game came out, I never realized you guys didn't have
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    I found a boot while digging in one of the desert levels.. do they have any value or secret meaning?
  25. According to many sources, there were 22 unlockable characters. As far as we know there are only 20...and the necromancer/king/wizard are confirmed to be DLC from the recent dev blog. In the official castle crasher site, ... ivearcade/ it cleary says there will be more than 20 unlockable characters.. so, is behemoth not telling us something, because I don't think DLC counts as part of the original game. Someone's not spilling the beans, or false advertisement ? Thoughts? EDIT: Before you post, here's to clear up some questions. Behemoth themselves said, "more than 20 unlockable characters" in the trial version of the game, so they said so themselves. Secondly, the 4 starting knights do not count as the unlockable characters, as you DONT UNLOCK THEM. Thirdly, Alien Hominid is counted toward the unlockable characters, and that still gives us 20. Fourthly, DLC can't be justified as part of the 20 unlockable characters, because only until now have we realized those certain characters (which were shown across the internet in the game) are not part of the retail version. And Lastly, Peasant knight = peasant, commoner = civilian. THere are just two peasant characters.