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  1. Logitech F710. Under Xinput mode it works just fine. Nothing for DirectInput (can get it working under x360ce, though).
  2. Tell your technical support staff that I resolved the issue. It was x360ce (an X input wrapper for my DirectInput controller). Removed it and framerate issue went away.
  3. Trust me when I say it's unplayable. Imagine playing CC at roughly 1/3rd speed. Yes, it's that bad.
  4. Oh, and by framerate issues, I mean ~20 FPS sometimes, nearly unplayable. Hopefully a moderator will see these soon.
  5. Unfortunately, I'm having framerate issues as well in the PC version of CC. And it's not due to lack of power in either the video card or CPU. I'm currently running a Core i5-3570K with 16GB RAM (yes, it was silly and 8 would work just as fine) and an EVGA GTX 560 2GB Superclocked. Strangely, the framerate started going down the toilet after my second start of the game, I think. And it's a local game, not online.