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  1. That whole run was depressing!!
  2. Im gonna play mod and say lets keep this topic geared towards comics. We all love Adventure Time, but that's still more of a TV show kinda thing. In related to the topic: Uncanny Avengers issue #01 OH MAN!!!! ALSO MY FAVE HERO TEAM IS BACK!!!!!! Young Avengers starts back up in January!! Both Wiccan and Hulkling are back so I am pretty much flipping out with excitement right now!
  3. I know its a DP but this is news and I didint want it getting jumbled into the discussion. Uncanny Avengers #01 and Avengers vs X-Men Consequences #01 Both out today!!
  4. House of M / M day is one of my fave Marvel crossover Arcs. I recommend checking out Avengers Children's Crusade #01-12 and Avengers vs X-men #00-12. The two books pretty much wrap up the effects of M day. AvsX #12 JUST came out (mentioned in my OP) wraps up the M-day stuff amazingly well and if you are a House of M fan I would tell ya to give them a go. For those not into comics M day was Avengers Children's Crusade - Deals with her twins still part of reality after the M-day disaster as young heroes. They are part of an Avengers sect called the Young Avengers. They set off on a mission to find the Scarlet Witch, the question is shes been missing 16 years, is she even still part of this reality? Avengers vs X-Men - Deals with a fight between the two teams over how to handle the arrival of the Phoenix (the space entity that killed Jean Grey) Cyclops believes this is to be the end of the mutant decimation, but will the mutant race be saved or erased?
  5. I been raving almost a decade... and been a rave dj for 6 years, I loves my DnB <3 Panacea Lucy Ford is amazing, I have had the pleasure of meeting her a few times and shes a kool girl! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0FZrPK6FINo
  6. rockos modern life is still on at nickelodeon i think i would like to see kirby and sonic X to come back You on crack, boy? Rocko's Modern Life has been cancelled since I was about three years old. Nope, I saw it on nick a week ago in the morning. I'm preeeeetty sure i'm not retarded It was cancelled long time ago. Just because a network still shows the already produced seasons does not mean the show is still being produced, therefor it was cancelled but a network still runs the episodes... I saw Fraggle Rock on TV not too long ago, that does not meant it was not cancelled in the 80's, it means people still like the show so networks will run the seasons of it. When a show in cancelled it means the show is not longer in production, not that it is no longer running.
  7. NES/SMS or SNES/GEN. Play the real Super Mario 2 (aka the lost levels not the resprited Doki Doki Panic...) THAT is a challenge. I still remember being a kid how me and my best friend at the time got together every day to eat snacks and scream at each other for getting the slightest thing wrong in Battletoads XD If you look at Sonic 1 for the Gen, Labyrinth Zone in particular, then compare it to the newer games.. its SO MUCH HARDER. I also wanna point out I find Many of my fave games I loved for the game style and game play all became 3d plat formers. Super Mario game style seen in SMB1-3+world died when SM64 hit and until NewSMB. Legend of Zelda died with Ocarina of time, Imo Link to the Past is still the best LoZ ever made. Metriod, is another one, Sonic is another... I like 3D but they are all the same easy 3d platformer with a gimmick and a theme. I also hate how both SEGA and Nintendo revamped lore. Bowser and Peach instead of King Koopa and Princess Toadstool? yeah no thank you...
  8. LOL I meant more along the lines of more recent news and topics of typical superhero type comic books... Aka Marvel / DC / Archie But Astrix I do love... lol On a MARVEL comics news note... SO HYPED FOR THIS COMIC O.O Needs to come out now... Oct.10th... Needs to come now... I wanna know what happens to the missing X-men! And what is going to be the sentence for Cyclops... I hope tis death... he needs to join Jean and die now..
  9. I never did it was pretty simple just go right and you end up somewhere Its been asked 100 times Sega has said no as no one remembers it so they would lose a ton of money doing so.
  10. Whaaaat? No comic threads? Changing that RIGHT NOW! Discuss everything that is comic nerdom! Anyone else read Avengers vs X-Men? Just read issue #12 the other day.... the epicness of it all!!!! Comic wise I am into mostly Marvel now, I used to love DC but the New52 has killed it for me in a very big way. I also am a HUUUUUUGE fan of the Sonic The Hedgehog comics by Archie Comics.
  11. Dude thats something more PM worthy over a post about it on a thread of a diff topic That aside... I actually just got my JPN copy of Mother 3, bought it on Ebay XD Have not started yet tho... work has been too crazy >.> I only can read JPN loosely but I have my own hardware to make backups, so I plan to back it up and use that eng patch. (I backup most of my games for personal use as I like to keep em as mint as I can. (and no dont even ask I do not give anyone backups of anything as its illegal to give anyone a backup) I could probly play with an faq without the patch but unlike a lot of JPN games RPGs are much harder to play when you only know rough JPN.
  12. Me either, I bought one years after It was like that rare sonic game I always wanted to play but never could. Then when I was about 16 and had my first part time job I made enough to buy one used along with a boxed copy of Knuckles Chaotix, It's still probly my most played Sonic title of all time.
  13. It seems the this forum as a lot of younger peeps, so not many will probly remember it if at all... Anyone ever play Knuckles Chaotix? I bought a 32X back in the day JUST to play that game.. I am a MASSIVE sonic fan... I have boxed copies of both Sonic 1 for master system, Sonic 1 for Genesis, Sonic 2, Sonic 3, Sonic and Knuckles, Sonic CD, Sonic 3D blast, Sonic A1and2 for both DC and GCN. and many other titles as well as a lot of official merch and of course my lovely rare Knuckles Chaotix for the Sega 32x. If anyone else ever played this game what was your fave character?? Mine was Espio by faaar, LOVED being able to walk on the ceiling! XD <3 <3 <3
  14. Also the font the Mr.Saturn's use when they talk... I found a little hard to read at times. XD But again these odd and challenging things is what made the game soooo good.
  15. BOOM! I just finished replaying Mother 2 a few weeks ago!!! XD I love that game sooo sooooooo much. Sept for the random spike jumps in lvl... SPECIALLY the sewers in Fourside / all the enemies in Moonside. Also Spores... bane of my existence. That little mushroom in my head mid cave / dungeon.... Worst thing ever...