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  1. Thanks a lot! Only thing that made that solution difficult was that I had several files on my computer named "settings". But I found the one in Steam's userdata folder. So anyone else needing to do this, begin your search there. If you're on windows, that's C:/Program Files/Steam/userdata. The settings file should be in one of the subfolders, which appear to be named with an ID number, so they'll probably be different for everyone
  2. I've got a problem... The game worked great right after I bought it, but then when I tried to adjust the screen resolution, it locked up, and I had to force shut down my computer. Since then it won't even launch, it only flashes a black screen before closing immediately. Reinstalling and verifying cache hasn't helped. What can I do? Is there a hidden settings file somewhere that I could go in and manually delete in order to restore the default settings that worked?