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    I like playing castle crashers, Finding glitches and exploiting them. And reporting them. Amongst other things.
  1. I can honestly say i managed to have my account done this way. But to be honest. I'm quite disappointed in myself in doing it. It makes the game so boring and pointless. I actually reset all of my characters, Even though i'm unable to access my Pets. I'm more then happy to find them all in said maps. But i reset them for a reason. It got out of hand.Word spread too far and too many people know about it. And probably within a good amount of time, Over 50% of the Behemoth community would have had this glitch done. It's like a virus that is spreading. I suppose if the dev's would like to maintain balance within the game. Patch's would be in order. It would probably come in time for the Necromancer pack.
  2. So true. Though "Troll farming" Is considered a method of "Grinding." I usually fight the painters paintings in the wizards castle using splash magic. Seems pretty decent for me. Or i just play the game. Either way "Grinding" is purely legit.
  3. I'm on castle crashers right now. If anybodies in it to do some insane mode. add me. My GT is Robi775
  4. I'm attempting to try and get through insane but so far i've gotten to the thieves forest. I hate that troll. If anybody is interested in giving me a hand i have a game hosted up.
  5. Seems strange Ah well. As least i outranked my friend He is in 1429th in place.
  6. Ever since xbox live came back online i went from 697th in place in the xbox live leaderboards to 499th in place. How so? Note: I WAS Playing Castle crashers while live was offline.
  7. I propose dual wielding! I'd give anything to dual wield two morningstars. For a total of +12 Magic!
  8. I'd really love to somehow customize my Ninjer. Give him demon wings...Black clothing and a gold skull emblem on his forehead.
  9. Castle crashers is literally my XBLA game of the year. The game is so addicting and fun. It never gets repetitive. And i get so much laughs at many scenes. Like the Beefy Alien hominid. Me and friends mock him by doing gorilla sounds.
  10. Texas, America. GT:Biotic Shinobi Friend Status: Has less then 20 friends, Yeah i need some. Who have Castle crashers, Of course. I don't bite.
  11. Well. My starting tips put stat points evenly to Magic and Defense. Magic is very good For taking out enemies in groups and individually. Also very lethal against bosses. And Defense. Self explanatory. And of course. Welcome to CC. Have a good experience.
  12. I require the scepter! Massive thanks for those who'd help me.
  13. Yeahhh!!! He is a druid. I'm going with that. I thought Snakey was a Druid though. Snakey is a Serpent Knight. Hence the "Snakey" Part.
  14. He is a druid! Since druids are "Warriors of nature." They usually are around wildlife and such.
  15. I've never played a game so addicting since Halo 3.