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  1. I need Cecil and FBI Agent 2, check out my thread for what I have available. http://forums.thebehemoth.com/index.php?/topic/16521-w-cecil-fbi2-h-list-inside/
  2. Haha you have me backwards sir, I'm not looking for anything in my long list, that's what I have available for trade. I only need Cecil and FBI Agent 2.
  3. The game didn't save my completion of Finale 2 in Zombie Narwhals so I lost my Cecil, and I don't have the time or patience for the current playlist. For either or both of the heads I need I have the following to offer in exchange. Fat Kid FBI Agent 1 Castle Crasher Rammy Giraffey Swamp Bro Johnny 4 Turkey Santa Claus Present Winston Ms. Pump Rose Groundhog Boot Toothbrush Mr. Bobbins Snail Wheels Catcontrol Hooshmand Snake Head Hatzilla Peeps Paul 25% 50% Moose Little Feets The Dad Meebs Chubs Steamroll 2 Tiny Cyclops I am bound to be off on some of the names but thats them in the order they scroll, so you can fill in the blanks. Message GT SpKXmasSpirit, right now if you're ready.
  4. I'm in need. Working 50+ a week so I don't need to spend literally all of my free time on incredibly hard levels. The challenge factor has been a bit too high for my tastes lately.
  5. Well I beat the entire Single Player Momentum Playlist (sans Encores) and didn't get the Monster head.. did the playlist require some sort of download and save? I had strawberries and not gems in the playlist if that makes a difference..
  6. I'm thinking the only things missing from the game are the deny function I described above and the ability to switch weapons with LB and RB to scroll through them. 'Lay off of my Donut head, will ya? SHEESH'
  7. Hey everybody, I'm curious if there is some kind of function in the trading room that functions like a veto or a 'NO!' without having to leave the room. I swear I've seen a red circle with a line through it a few times now but there's no way I can figure out how to do it. Every time I try to enter a trade room everyone requests Chicken/Donut/etc and nothing but, and I'm clearly not going to give those bad boys up. I wish I knew how to send the signal of 'hey ease off son, let's get real and fair here'. Anyone have any tips? Thanks!
  8. Avert your eyes children! AVERT THEM! Now I'm no genius but I definitely know how long it takes a dead body to decompose.. To heck with Hatty and my friends! .. but I'm not you! I'm not horse turds!
  9. I was just going to make a topic to ask if we could get an estimate on how long the Chicken head will be the prize in FBF so I could figure out A - how long my cousin has to complete it and B - when we will be able to chase a new head but I guess I will stick my questions here.
  10. Sadly, my father passed away this morning at the age of 60. It was a rapid decline and he moved on peacefully. I would be glad to try to work with you, scarabix, if you would very much enjoy owning the figure, and I would also like to hear from you, FEL, to discuss your situation as well. I will have more time after Sunday to focus on matters such as this. I also respect your decisions if you have reconsidered, and thank you for your interest.
  11. I can try to ship internationally via USPS (I don't know much about the process) but it would have to be at your expense, as a package from Ohio to France will likely be rather expensive. Anyone who is interested is welcome to Inbox me for more details. Thanks!
  12. Like many of you I jumped on the Necromancer Kickstarter bandwagon to support The Behemoth back when the initiative first launched. I was glad to support the project and I was beyond pleased with the pint sized warrior who came in the mail! However, in the time between placing my pledge and receiving the figure months later, things have changed in my life and priorities have certainly shifted away from the fun and frivolous to the stern, practical and responsible (unfortunately). My father has contracted cancer for a third time (this one being the most severe thus far) and I have bills to pay and a role to play in his hopeful recovery. So, no sooner than he has arrived I think I am going to have to give my little buddy up to a new home. Once I made up my mind, I decided I would give my fellow fans the first opportunity to acquire him before turning to the shark infested waters of eBay. I know there is someone on this site who may have missed out who will enjoy him even more than I will. The figure has been removed and assembled to display one time since I received the package last week. I still have all of the original packaging which I carefully saved as it arrived, and I will include the excellent looking postcards and pinbacks that were added as freebies. He will sell as-is (Near Mint) and I will accept PMs from any interested parties. Thanks everyone, and please keep supporting The Behemoth in the future just as they support their community with amazing games and excellent giveaways.
  13. my excitement for this grows and grows.. I hope some retroactive content for owning previous games will be in effect, such as Alien in CC.
  14. Thank the Welch's gods of jelly and jam for that, I bought Awesomenauts from Ronimo and they seem to have abandoned consoles for Steam even though XBLA/PSN was their primary release. I understand that patches are pricey but I can't help but feel a little jilted after always enjoying such strong and dependable support from The Behemoth.