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  1. I don't suppose there's ANY way to get a refund for the Steam version? It's useless and less than playable to say the least.....I've had all of my information completely erased (twice) and so have 2 of my friends. There's no way to play multiplayer without lag unless you play on an aggravating resolution AND in windowed mode (windowed is a serious mood killer) and there was no mention of that before purchase.....If you can't port a game to PC properly, you probably shouldn't release it. This was obviously a quick cash grab. I love this game on Xbox, but to not have the ability to run it on a gaming PC is beyond frustrating.....I expect issues with ports, but for the game to be 100% unplayable is just unacceptable.
  2. Are there any plans to fix all of the issues with the Steam version? It's not worth playing if my data gets deleted every few times I play, players disconnect constantly (all of my friends have tried hosting, it doesn't work any way we try it), and we all have to play on low resolutions that look....well....awful. Any way to get a refund if no fixes are coming? I was so excited to see this game come to Steam, but now it just seems as if I've wasted $15 on a game that doesn't work.
  3. I would go ahead and purchase a 360 controller if I were you. There are a lot of games that are virtually impossible to play with a keyboard/mouse setup and this is one of them. The 360 controller is automatically compatible with almost all of the games it is suggested for, there's no reason to try and force an odd controller to work. $17 and you can play emulated games, platformers, sports games, etc. No reason not to buy one and end the constant workarounds for each and every game you want to play.
  4. Just to be clear, there are no servers. The server is whoever has chosen to host the game. This is true across all versions of the game. Ah, that would explain a bit of it. So basically we're at the mercy of whomever decides to host the game. =[ On an unrelated note, your number of posts is almost leet.
  5. Unfortunately the differences mostly include negatives such as.... 1. Resolutions above 1280 x 720 (AKA normal resolutions) result in unplayable lag if playing online. 2. The servers are appallingly bad, they will kick players for no discernible reason and will sometimes be completely unplayable (no matter how good your internet is). 3. The game will randomly delete your save files. This has happened to me twice (despite me attempting to copy and save my steam cloud data manually the second time). It has also happened to one of my friends. This is out of a sample size of only three of us that play on PC.....2/3 odds that your file will be deleted is pretty pitiful. The save files are apparently not retrievable by any means, so play at your own risk. The game only saves to the cloud, which is evidently not very secure. And now for the neutral changes: The King Pack and Necromancer Pack have been removed. Instead there is now an Insane Store found upon completion of the game in normal mode which houses several items that, on their console counterparts, would be unlocked by purchasing the DLC. The King is unlocked by killing the bat boss on insane mode. These are all of the differences that I know of, otherwise it's essentially a cut and dry port. I wouldn't waste my money until they've fixed some of the issues though. Honestly, I'm too scared to even play right now....I'm just waiting until the game is in a playable state where I can be sure that my characters won't be erased randomly when I log in. I've only logged about 9 hours played, yet my data has been erased twice - that doesn't leave a good amount of incentive for me to bother trying to play. Good luck to you if you decide to purchase the game though, hopefully you don't mind being restricted to playing locally and not playing above 1280 x 720 resolution. Is there still no word on when these issues will be fixed? They're major problems, as of right now my friends and I feel as if we've wasted our money.
  6. Okay cool, I guess I'll just have to do that from now on. Thanks for all the help RedKnight! I definitely appreciate it.
  7. Okay, that pretty much explains it then, I figured there would be a server-side save file to retrieve data from though. The fact that the only save file that exists is the Steam Cloud file is a bit scary to tell you the truth. So do you think copying my savedata file from the remote folder in my userdata after each play session would ensure a backup of my data? Or am I solely in the hands of fate?
  8. I can attest to the fact that there is a TON of input lag, but I only experience it when playing with other people. It appears to be a universal issue, I have yet to meet anyone that has not acknowledged its existence.
  9. I just received a reply from the support staff in my e-mail saying that the data is gone and I will have to start over.....What a waste of time. =/ Does anyone at least have tips for preventing this from happening again? I don't feel comfortable playing until I know exactly WHY my data was inexplicably erased.....
  10. I tried this but there was only one version of savedata, I had no way to revert to a previous version. =[
  11. I attempted this solution, but I still could not retrieve the data. I have restarted Steam and my PC multiple times - no dice. Is it really safe to go to the map screen? I've been looking around the forums and it seems that I can't go past the character selection screen or my data will be permanently deleted. I have yet to move past the character selection screen, yet my data will still not reappear. Is there anything else I can do? I'd love to get back to playing today, but I don't want completely start over after spending 4 hours playing yesterday. I just don't want to have completely wasted all of that time. =/
  12. Hi, I started playing a few weeks ago (I'm on the PC version). I created a game lobby with my friend today, we were in the middle of the final boss and for some reason we both got kicked. I was then unable to recreate the game. I restarted Castle Crashers, created a new lobby, and got to the character selection screen - only to find that all of my characters had been erased and all my data was gone. I read The Forgotten Knight's forum post on save data loss and I will note that I did NOT move past the character selection screen, however I cannot get my characters or any save data to reappear. I have restarted the game, my PC, and Steam numerous times, but to no avail. How can I retrieve my characters? I'm getting pretty frustrated that I can no longer play the game. =/ Can anyone help me out?